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Trapping the snake

This blog, it’s turning out, triggers my anxiety. A bit. See, I have a decent-sized anxiety disorder. I do think of it in terms of size, as I find what matters is how much and where it overlaps the rest … Continue reading

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Where did I go?

Oh, I’m here. Blogging again is weird. It’s deeply intimidating. I don’t even know if anyone reads this. But, I’m making an effort. So here are some topics: 1. What am I reading? For work, I have two books going: … Continue reading

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The God Catcher is available today (sort of)

I don’t actually know how many copies of my book shipped to individual bookstores. My guess is that it’s pretty variable. But I went to Borders to see it and they were sold out. So I went to the B&N, … Continue reading

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