The entries have closed, the drawing has happened, and it’s time to name winners in the Lesser Evils giveaway! In the end we had 372 entries…not quite 500, but pretty fantastic when you think about it! I hope everyone had fun–I certainly had fun reading all of your entries–and if you weren’t already excited for Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils, I hope you are now! Especially the many, many of you that called out the Zhentarim (and the two of you that said Harpers. :p)

So congratulations….Epheros! You’ve won the grand prize! Here’s the winning entry:

“While not technically declared an organization, Sherlock’s nemesis Moriarty holds his own, I think, in maintaining vast amounts of power with the wide network of contacts, subordinates, and thugs.

Also, I have Brimstone Angels but have yet to read it… alas for the ever piling stack of books I must read. If I win then my priorities are shuffled to accommodate – as deserving as you holding this contest for us fans.

Thanks for running this!!”

You’re very welcome! Does this mean Moriarty and his network win for best evil organization?

Other winners’ entries are listed below. Congratulations to everyone!

Joseph Laubach


Anthony C. Edwards

“If I have to choose an Evil Organization, it simply has to be The Red Brotherhood of Hyboria fame. I have a soft spot for organizations that last on and on despite any effort to eliminate them! Pirates are just good fun as villains…because they freely take anyone it would seem, it becomes very easy to place “good guys” inside such an organization in either writing of stories or for an RPG game.”

Johnny Johnson

“OMG signed copies!

“Shoes!…wait no. FDA!…thats not fictional.

“Umm umm…DAMNIT! im too hard of a realms nerd!

“All I can think of is the Red Wizards or the Zhentarim…but you know those!

“Other people said cobra…cobra is cool. The Sith!…nah too easy. OH how about the Daleks (Is a race also considered an organization?) How about THE LEGION OF DOOM! or Hydra! …Team Rocket? Im lame!…I want books. I love you? T.T”


“Westlake’s Dortmunder gang. They’re the protagonists, but still a crime syndicate of sorts.”

steve O gagne

“I’ve been reading the forgotten realms books since I was a kid and love everything about them! My favorite evil gang from a fantasy standpoint is tied betwixt the Lannister’s from the Game of Thrones series and the Hoards of Crenshinibon, the evil shard from the Icewind Dale trilogy… but by far, the most wretched hive of scum and villiany in the universe would be the Emperor and the Sith from Star Wars…..as an aside, this prize package, should it make it’s way to me, will be anawesome present for my good pal James Worley, who has done the awesome service of turning my eyes and brain to some of the best fiction I have every read!”

(I know what someone’s getting for Christmas!)

Daniel Miller

“I would have to go with the D’Hara Empire from Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind. I primarily base this off just the Mord-Sith alone, but also Darken Rahl was quit ruthless and evil in his own right.”

Brendan H

“The knights of Takhisis, Dragonlance. I choose these knights because of their reflection into the reality of national service today. This is not an organization bent solely on widespread death and destruction, but conversion and subversion. By seeking to turn every man to the will of their god, and bend his will to align with their own.

“These knights use competition, religion, and leverage to determine power within their ranks. As most people in reality know, these are driving forces to power in society today. And these knights wear the dark virtues of men as their honor.

“And me? Est solarus oth mithas.”

Check out all the awesome comments here.

NB: All winners have been notified by email at this point. If you see your name, and haven’t gotten an email 1) check your spam filter and 2) if it’s not there, post a comment to send me a message. If you don’t get back to me before December 7th, I’m going to have to draw a new name.


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6 Responses to LESSER EVILS Winners!

  1. Johnny Johnson says:

    I won woo! …I already knew that though. But yay still stoked!

    And I responded back to you! Did you get it? Please say you got it? Don’t crush my Hopes and Dreams Erin T.T

    <.< So when do I get books? Sending them out tomorrow? Maybe the next day?

    Can I have the tracking code so I can constantly re-load all day long and in between classes hoping to see that my package is just a few miles closer? D<

    Also umm…How do I say something nice to the non-winners without making them feel like losers and making me look like a big fat jerk? How ever I do that:
    *Insert my good-showmanship message here*

  2. Vinnie D. Slayer says:

    Grats to everyone who won! I really enjoyed reading all the submissions!

  3. Epheros says:

    Thank you so much Erin for running this contest, I’m excited to see the goods show up in my mailbox soon! Excellent holiday reading to look forward to.

    Thanks for everyone posting in the comments, I have definitely added to my ever piling reading list. While I greatly look forward to giving up the ghost buried under an avalanche of books, I dread that they remain all unread. Time to get back to the stacks!

  4. Gomez says:

    Wait, Harpers are an organization?

    Anyway, congrats to those who won.
    At least I don’t have to rush myself in writing a short story on Kiriansalee now 😉

  5. erin says:

    Sure! They’re just a not very organized organization. :p You have to be vetted and tested to get in, there are High Harpers making calls on what goes down in a broad sense, and there are rules–you get straight executed for treachery. Code of the Harpers, yo. And that’s before we start talking about what they look like post-Spellplague…which has been equal parts awesome and frustrating to knit together, but I LOVE where it’s going.

    I have heard from all but two winners. You’re covered, Johnny.

  6. Anthony C. Edwards says:

    I love this! Thank you so much Erin! This is one of the best Christmas gifts I’ll get this year (as opposed to things I don’t want! lol)!