Crossing the Streams: My Answers

What four fictional characters would you want in your adventuring party? 

ANSWER ONE: The Brimstone Angels Team
The fictional characters nearest and dearest to me are–let’s be real–my own. I know the characters of the Brimstone Angels series almost better than I know myself, so it makes sense that they’d be my go-to team. (Also, I created them all, so there remains the possibility I could control them with my mind. Handy when there’s a disagreement!)

Tam Zawad (Cleric/Harper/Dad): Tam is probably the easiest choice. The High Harper of Waterdeep is the highest level character I’ve got, blessed by the moon goddess, a badass with the spiked chain, tons of experience with covert operations (aka “levels of Rogue”), and the always necessary Healer. He’s also the best at making decisions for a group, so I can have a break. Downside: Bad knee, bad at delegating, may want to talk about my problems when there’s monsters to fight.

Farideh (Caster/Moral Center/Solver of Puzzles): Why, you might ask, would I include the character whose actions seem to cause the most trouble? Well,  I would say, why are we adventuring if not to seek out trouble? You don’t sally forth in search of a latte and a quiet spot to drink it! You don’t delve into dungeons in the hopes of picking up your dry-cleaning! No one wants the treasure to be a coupon for The Container Store! You want to find the villains and get their loot! And when there’s trouble, Farideh seems to find it–and want to fix it. She’s not going to let the party take the easy way out. Also, she can rip a hole in the plane and shoot lava everywhere. Downside: Devils would follow, have to make a point of earning her trust so she doesn’t decide to take care of things herself, some villages and waystations off-limits as tieflings have a rep.

Clanless Mehen (Tank/Fighter/Grumpy Man of Mystery): Choosing someone to handle the front line isn’t easy–Havilar would be faster, Constancia would be a secondary healer, Oota would have a certain inspiring madness. The list is long, but the dragonborn exile’s my ultimate choice because he’s up there with the best of the fighters (plus lightning breath!), definitely has the best constitution score, and also, I just like him.  Some people tend to assume Mehen’s your standard overprotective father to Farideh and Havilar–and I don’t think he’d care. He knows who he is and it’s not your damned business…unless it all comes out in the open at a particularly tense point. So fighter, tank, and full of surprises. Plus, I could redouble my efforts to get him a boyfriend. Downsides: Second dad in the party, occasional buzzkill, inevitable lecture about my form with a sword (i.e. terrible)

Khochen (Rogue/Harper/Gossip): I nearly picked Mira Zawad, but the nice thing about Khochen is that, while she might air your dirty laundry for you and possibly pocket a few of your coins, she’ll never leave you in the lurch. Plus, she plays the lute! Khochen is a little risky, but I think she’d be a lot of fun and her spy skills would come in handy when someone inevitably had to walk a tightrope over a pit of skeletons (…What? That doesn’t happen in your games?) and Tam’s knee was acting up. I could probably recruit her in the hunt for a boyfriend for Mehen too. Downsides: Inevitably unbalanced treasure split, would probably borrow my lipstick, everyone would find out about…the thing…

(Tomorrow SOON, I’ll come up with a team of other people’s characters. Stay tuned!)

EDIT: If you want to enter the contest, please post on the original thread. (If you’ve already posted here, I’ll post your comments over before I do the drawing. But you’ll make my day easier if you post directly to the contest thread. 🙂

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3 Responses to Crossing the Streams: My Answers

  1. Tom Kelly says:

    1. Elminster Aumar
    As far as magic support goes, I’ll take the chosen of Mystra.

    2. Drizzt Do’Urden
    Expert tracker, swordsman, and archer. Plus you know a skirmish might start just for travelling with a drow

    3. Erevis Cale (I’m having a tough time not taking Artemis Enteri)
    One word: Infiltration

    4. Cadderly Bonaduce
    Healer extraordinare, morale compass

  2. jesse rodriguez says:

    Answer One:
    The characters I would choose are pulled from different books, movies and video games that I have played, viewed or read.

    Panamon Creel (Thief, Gypsy) A one handed thief that still has a shred of honor. He traveled with a mute troll and his ancestors helped forge a sword of truth.

    Nakor the blue rider (Gambler, Magician and Cheat) A chosen of Kalkin, god of pranksters. Nakor has always been enigmatic and interesting. He has an endless supply of oranges.

    Minsc and Boo (Berserker and miniature giant space hamster) Although a berserker, Minsc has a strong desire to uphold good and be heroic, though with a fervor that causes those around him to regard him as possibly insane. He consults Boo for advice and his battle cry urges Boo to go for the eyes.

    Friar Tuck (Robin Hood: Prince of thieves) Fat, Jovial and a lover of ale, he is also a skilled swordsman and archer in some tales. He fills in as cleric because of ale’s curative properties and this quote, “This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty by learning about… BEER.”

  3. Graham says:

    1. Elminster – his ability to cast amazing magic that damages foes, causes obstacles, or fills in with other support functions is the ultimate go to guy. Come on now, he is a chosen of Mystra, which means get to play with the Silverfire. Pew pew anyone?

    2. Jarlaxle – he is a Jack of All Trades, and one badass fighter to boot. His connections across the world above and below would be invaluable. He has connections with the legitimate communities and with the not so legitimate communities. He can be morally ambiguous, but he isn’t pure evil. He reminds me of Batman with all his magical items.

    3. Pharaun – I know I already have Elminster for a caster, but I like Pharaun too. He has a lot of skills as a wizard, but most of all he is smart. (I like to think he has a high wisdom score too.) He is good at looking a situation, figuring out what is really going on, and then coming up with an answer that isn’t over the top.

    4. Jon Snow – Tapping into the Song of Fire and Ice series to round off the group. So far I am pretty damage and caster heavy, and with this sort of group you really don’t need a meatshield, but I still like to have a quasi-meatshield in place. Jon has a sweet sword, and knows how to use it. He also comes with a really cool animal companion. (Extra creature for killing, and most importantly Jon can slip into his skin and view through his eyes. Some scouting when the magical sorts of divination won’t do.) Despite Jon Snow “knowing nothing”, he has a lot of common sense, and is developing into a good leader. Having to handle the men of the Night’s Watch, and Stannis, I think he can keep the above characters together. He isn’t too bent on the moral good of everything, but he does stick with his convictions to do the right thing.