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OrcaCon Schedule

Hi all! Checking in ahead of Orca Con, an excellent, inclusive gaming con that will be held this year in Bellevue, WA. If you are attending, I hope to see you! If you are not, I hope you check out … Continue reading

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Gen Con 2017 (and other upcoming cons)

Good morning, readers! Where the @#%$ have you been? I thought you were dead in a ditch! Man, you’re dramatic. I didn’t mean to worry you, though. I’m fine. I’m just busy with stuff! Two kids is exponentially harder, especially … Continue reading

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Today’s the day, readers. The Devil You Know (in ebook and hardcover) is now available, bringing the Brimstone Angels Saga to a close.     Herein lie the answers to so many questions–WTF was Oghma talking about? Who exactly is Alyona? Why … Continue reading

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