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Okay readers: It’s 39 days until Ashes of the Tyrant can land in your hot little hands. That means….giveaway time! What’s it about? After the events of Fire in the Blood, Farideh, Mehen, Havilar and Brin head to Djerad Thymar with … Continue reading

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Playing a Dragonborn in the Realms, Part 3: The next generation

Since you all helped me raise such a lot for Extra Life, here is a third installment of “Playing a Dragonborn in the Realms.” This one focuses mostly on sex, marriage, and children–topics that might seem out of place in … Continue reading

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Lonely Planet Vayemniri (Or More Draconic for You!)

Thank you all so much for helping me raise over $1000 for Extra Life. As a thank you for helping me reach that $750 threshold, here’s a token of my thanks: the early release of an expanded Draconic Primer! This … Continue reading

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