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October 14th is fast approaching–as my nervous, bouncy demeanor no doubt tells you. I am very excited because this year we have some excellent events planned to celebrate the release of Fire in the Blood.   October 7th– Google+ Hangouts (, 8 … Continue reading

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Monster Manual Preview: The Cambion

Good morning, readers (and players)! Got a special treat for you, in honor of the impending release of Fire in the Blood…a preview from the also-impending Monster Manual, featuring one of my favorites, the cambion. (Art by Milivoj Ceran.) Want to read more about … Continue reading

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Welcome Metatexters!

Where did that spike in visitors come from? Oh right! The first Metatext newsletter went out! Welcome! What is the Metatext, you’re asking, wishing to know all that can be known? The Metatext is a newsletter for fans of the … Continue reading

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