Norwescon Schedule

Norwescon 2014 has begun!

…well, mostly. I’m not there today, because of a previous engagement. But I will be there tomorrow and through the rest of the weekend. If you are in Seattle, you can still get passes at the door, and if you are already at Norwescon, come and find me.

Reading: Erin Evans
Fri 10:30pm-11:00pm Cascade 1
I am going to be reading a scene from Fire in the Blood, the next Brimstone Angels novel!

Creative Insults
Fri 6pm-7pm (I don’t know where!)
I was added to this panel late, so I don’t know who’s on it or where it is. But the program will tell you! I’m assuming it’s about making characters insult each other creatively, not insulting creative people, you buncha hacks.


Autograph Session 1
Sat 2:00pm-3:00pm Grand 2
“Our Attending Professionals are available to sign autographs. PLEASE NOTE: So that as many fans as possible can participate, we will be enforcing a three-items-at-a-time (or single-sketch) autograph limit.”
Jason Andrew, Steven Barnes, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Carol Berg, 9k1, Kurt Cagle, Echo Chernik, Cassandra Clarke, Erik Scott de Bie, Cymbric Early-Smith, Elton Elliott, Erin Evans, Steve Gillett, James C. Glass, Jude-Marie Green, Jeff Grubb, Rhiannon Held, Frog Jones, Karen Kincy, Nancy Kress, Pat MacEwen, Edward Martin III, Lish McBride, Angel Leigh McCoy, Darragh Metzger, G. David Nordley, Margaret Organ-Kean, John (J.A.) Pitts, Kevin Radthorne, Jon Rogers, Mike Selinker, Sara Stamey, G. Willow Wilson, Gregory A. Wilson

Your Anti-Procrastination First Aid Kit
Sat 4pm-5pm (Check your program!)
I got added to this one late too. Fortunately, I am a master of procrastination so by necessity I am a master of ANTI-procrastination. BAM!

Sun 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 3&4
How do you choose a complementary B plot for your story–and where can you add in a C, D, and E plot? How do you know when subplots will make your story richer, and when they’ll just add clutter and confusion?
Keffy R. M. Kehrli (M), Erin Evans, Angel Leigh McCoy, Kevin Radthorne (I heard Erik Scott deBie will be on this one too!)

Writing Action
2 pm-3 pm (Check your program!)
I feel  like I always do these panels, but it’s a good fit. I don’t like writing fight scenes, but I have to, so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to break them down and come at them from an angle I do enjoy and I think it works well.
EDIT: If you attended this panel, here is a link to my post on writing fight scenes, and here is a link to “The Resurrection Agent.” Enjoy!


Hope to see some of you there, readers! (Especially at that reading…)

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Crossing the Streams: My Answers

What four fictional characters would you want in your adventuring party? 

ANSWER ONE: The Brimstone Angels Team
The fictional characters nearest and dearest to me are–let’s be real–my own. I know the characters of the Brimstone Angels series almost better than I know myself, so it makes sense that they’d be my go-to team. (Also, I created them all, so there remains the possibility I could control them with my mind. Handy when there’s a disagreement!)

Tam Zawad (Cleric/Harper/Dad): Tam is probably the easiest choice. The High Harper of Waterdeep is the highest level character I’ve got, blessed by the moon goddess, a badass with the spiked chain, tons of experience with covert operations (aka “levels of Rogue”), and the always necessary Healer. He’s also the best at making decisions for a group, so I can have a break. Downside: Bad knee, bad at delegating, may want to talk about my problems when there’s monsters to fight.

Farideh (Caster/Moral Center/Solver of Puzzles): Why, you might ask, would I include the character whose actions seem to cause the most trouble? Well,  I would say, why are we adventuring if not to seek out trouble? You don’t sally forth in search of a latte and a quiet spot to drink it! You don’t delve into dungeons in the hopes of picking up your dry-cleaning! No one wants the treasure to be a coupon for The Container Store! You want to find the villains and get their loot! And when there’s trouble, Farideh seems to find it–and want to fix it. She’s not going to let the party take the easy way out. Also, she can rip a hole in the plane and shoot lava everywhere. Downside: Devils would follow, have to make a point of earning her trust so she doesn’t decide to take care of things herself, some villages and waystations off-limits as tieflings have a rep.

Clanless Mehen (Tank/Fighter/Grumpy Man of Mystery): Choosing someone to handle the front line isn’t easy–Havilar would be faster, Constancia would be a secondary healer, Oota would have a certain inspiring madness. The list is long, but the dragonborn exile’s my ultimate choice because he’s up there with the best of the fighters (plus lightning breath!), definitely has the best constitution score, and also, I just like him.  Some people tend to assume Mehen’s your standard overprotective father to Farideh and Havilar–and I don’t think he’d care. He knows who he is and it’s not your damned business…unless it all comes out in the open at a particularly tense point. So fighter, tank, and full of surprises. Plus, I could redouble my efforts to get him a boyfriend. Downsides: Second dad in the party, occasional buzzkill, inevitable lecture about my form with a sword (i.e. terrible)

Khochen (Rogue/Harper/Gossip): I nearly picked Mira Zawad, but the nice thing about Khochen is that, while she might air your dirty laundry for you and possibly pocket a few of your coins, she’ll never leave you in the lurch. Plus, she plays the lute! Khochen is a little risky, but I think she’d be a lot of fun and her spy skills would come in handy when someone inevitably had to walk a tightrope over a pit of skeletons (…What? That doesn’t happen in your games?) and Tam’s knee was acting up. I could probably recruit her in the hunt for a boyfriend for Mehen too. Downsides: Inevitably unbalanced treasure split, would probably borrow my lipstick, everyone would find out about…the thing…

(Tomorrow SOON, I’ll come up with a team of other people’s characters. Stay tuned!)

EDIT: If you want to enter the contest, please post on the original thread. (If you’ve already posted here, I’ll post your comments over before I do the drawing. But you’ll make my day easier if you post directly to the contest thread. :)

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Crossing the Streams

THANKS FOR ENTERING! The contest is complete. Winners of my drawing have been notified. The big winner will be notified soon!

Welcome to “Crossing the Streams 2014,”a huge, multi-author book giveaway! This is the post for my part of the contest. (Hi!)

Uh, you’re not supposed to cross the streams…What is this?

“Crossing the Streams 2014″ is a contest where I and nearly two dozen other speculative fiction writers are running contests to win copies of our books.

Hey, I like winning copies of books! How do I enter?

Here’s how it works: Each individual author involved is running a contest on his or her own site. (The specific details vary from author to author; the contest I run on my site might be very different than the one on James’s site, or Marcy’s site, so read the rules below). Each of us will select two winners from our contest, who will receive signed copies of a book. Huzzah!

Once the contests have ended, all the authors involved will get together and choose one single “super-winner” from all the entries on all our sites combined. This one lucky individual will receive a signed book, free, from each and every one of the authors involved.

Wait. So I might win like twenty free books?


Awesome! Anything else?

You can only enter each author’s contest once, but you may enter multiple contests. So you could enter here, on Marcy’s site, on Ari’s site, etc. You can enter on everyone’s site, if you want. (And even if you aren’t selected as the “super winner,” you might win more than one of the individual contests. You never know.) You can find a complete list of the authors involved, as well as links to their sites at the bottom.

So how do I enter your contest, Erin?

Leave a comment on this post (make sure you give your real email address so I can contact you if you win) answering this question: What four fictional characters would you want in your adventuring party?  They can be from any source and you don’t have to fill out the “classic roles,” but they must be fictional. If you pick characters from my books, you will be my favorite, but it won’t sway the random selection program I’ll use to decide a winner. You can just list names, list roles, or post a great big dissertation on why you want these people at your side–I’ll read them all. 

OMG, this is so exciting! Should I enter now? Should I take time to think of an awesome answer?

Entries must be received between February 19 and March 19, 2014.

What do I win?

Winners of my contest will receive a signed copy of The Adversary, my latest book.

Uh, I have that already.

If you already have The Adversary or if you haven’t read any of the Brimstone Angels books and want to start at the beginning, then you can choose a Brimstone Angels/Lesser Evils pack instead. 

I have those, too. 

Aren’t you sweet! Well, if none of those appeal to you, I can offer you the promise of a copy of my next book Fire in the Blood, which comes out in October 2014.

What about those other authors? Are they good? Where can I enter their contests?

You can find names and links here. Everyone involved in this contest is a great author or artist–some you probably know and some who might be new to you. Check out their sites and see. You might find something you love! (And you’ll definitely be able to throw your name in for a free book or dozen.)

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