“The characters in Brimstone Angels are both compelling and believable, despite the fantastic nature of their stories. As the readers becomes more entrenched in the story, you begin to care more and more what will become of Farideh, her family, and even her devil.” —Brutal Gamer

“Evans is trying to do something different than just gussying up the same old fantasy tropes. Add in her plainspoken prose, which eschews flowery descriptions for raw emotion (and is perfect for action scenes), and the overall effect is highly enjoyable.” —Ed Grabianowski, and Robot Viking

“This novel is one of those comes-out-nowhere surprise-you stories. Evans writes clearly, excitingly, and with a depth of character often lacking in sword and sorcery style narratives.” —Grasping for the Wind

“This is an amazing book that cannot be missed.  It’s nice to see that in the years since the release of the post-spellplague Faerûn that we are getting a high quality books beginning to reach the market, a quality of books that will hopefully elevate the vast amount of writing as a whole.” —42Webs

Brimstone Angels can be summed up in one word: phenomenal.” —Read Between the Lines



“One of tThe God Cathcherhe best sword and sorcery novels I have read this year…will remain high on my list of recommended reads.” —Grasping for the Wind

“Extremely entertaining, The God Catcher was a great surprise for me. Evans‘ fluent style glues this book in the reader’s hands. With an action-packed story and vivid characters, it quickly becomes a page-turner.” –Speculative Book Review

“[The story] flowed wonderfully and it was fast paced and exciting.  . . . Every subplot or side story all seemed natural and fitting. . . .I loved the characters. Everything was described well enough to give you an idea and it allowed for your imagination to create the rest. It’s as vivid and as abstract as you can get, all thanks to the descriptions.”  –Read Between the Lines

“Under Evans’[s] pen, the city of Waterdeep really comes to life on the page; full of everything that a city needs to be a thriving home for a great story. . . . Evans proves to be a bit of a master at laying the seeds for one plot and then having it turn into something else when you’re not expecting it (even though it ends up looking like it was going that way the whole time).”—Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review


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  1. Larry Gent says:


    I apologize for this but I couldn’t find your email.

    First of all I just wrote a review of Brimstone Angels on my blog (

    The main reason for this reply is that I would really like to do an email interview with you for my website

  2. Mary Dallenbach says:


    My husband is a huge Salvatore fan. Because of this he is very excited about the Sundering. By a quirk of fate it happens that we recently met the cover artist for the Sundering covers. So of course now we want to collect every book in the series and have them signed by the author and Tyler.

    My question is do you do signings through the mail. This is how we have gotten a copy of the fist book in the series and how I hope to get copies of every other book in the series.

    Looking forward to reading the book.

    Thanks much,


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