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Brimstone Angels: FINISH IT!

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been locked in a fierce—perhaps mortal—battle for my sanity, wrestling the first draft of Brimstone Angels into submission. Now, I return victorious! Now, when I say I was … Continue reading

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I’m having lunch with my sister today and she asks how things are going. “Terrible,” I say. “I hate my book.” “Aw!” she says. She’s read a few excerpts over my shoulder. “Why?” I launch into an explanation of my … Continue reading

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Go here. Scroll down to “Gaming-RelatedFiction.” Be giddy with me. Alternate titles for this post: I Miss the Book Department’s Subscription to Locus Why Googling Yourself is Healthy HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, DID SOMEONE BUY CASES OF THE GOD CATCHER … Continue reading

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