Story’s up!

Can’t decide whether to buy Realms of the Dead?

Can’t decide whether you’re–as my sister put it–bitter about having to own The God Catcher?  (She’s not anymore)

Can’t decide whether you’re willing to give tie-in fiction a try?

My story from Relams of the Dead,“The Resurrection Agent” is up on as a promotion for the anthology (and my book). Vampires, zombies, existential crises, a nod to Mesopotamian myths, and a brief cameo by one of my favorite powers-that-be in the Realms.

It’s free so no commitment, it’s a *.pdf so you can print or zoom as your eyes demand. I only ask that if you like it, you leave a comment on the boards. Or think about buying the whole anthology–I can only speak definitively of  the nine stories I’ve read, but of those, there’s something for everybody.

And of course, if you like this, you’ll probably like The God Catcher too! Only two weeks to go!

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