Vacation Posting

I’m on vacation in Hawai’i so I’m super-behind on posts. But what can I do?  The ocean is indeed a better view than the computer screen.

Actually, it’s weird. This time last year I was knee-deep in The God Catcher, which if you read my previous post you know means I was trying to write a thousand words a day…in Hawai’i. I’ll confess, this is where I slipped, but not as much as one would think. Blessedly, I was in the thick of it and not having to find my way through plots and scenes.

This time, I’m still polishing my outline for the next book. And yet, there’s something about the temperature, the sound of the ocean, and the taste of pineapple that make me really want to write.  Unfortunately, the laptop is not coming to the beach, so it’s all handwriting. Which, in general, I like, but not for outlining so I’m writing scenes that I don’t even know if I can use yet. Also, my fountain pen is staying here with the laptop. It’s less fun with a blue Bic.

Still, in the scheme of things, these are petty complaints. It’s beautiful here and I’m not blocked and I have a new book to work on.

And The God Catcher comes out in ten days.

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One Response to Vacation Posting

  1. gomez says:

    I read the God Catcher. Enjoyed it, even though I do get a bit tired of all the spellscarred that are in almost every 4th ed FR book I read so far (Circle of Skulls excepted, but I am only half way).
    If I get some time I’ll post a review on loremaster.
    I should get back to editing and writing right now though…