Where did I go?

Oh, I’m here.

Blogging again is weird. It’s deeply intimidating. I don’t even know if anyone reads this.

But, I’m making an effort. So here are some topics:

1. What am I reading?

For work, I have two books going: a first draft of Sandstorm by Christopher Rowe and a final of The Fading Dream by Keith Baker. A first and a final are totally different things– and reading each is a totally different experience. The first is mostly formed, but you’re reading to see if there are better ways to do what the author’s trying to do. The final you’re reading to make certain it’s smooth and readable as a whole project.

For fun, I’m reading Black Out by Connie Willis. I really love the way she writes and this is definitely a book I’m going to reread. In fact, I’m thinking about going and reading it right now…. (If you haven’t read anything by her, do yourself a favor and go buy To Say Nothing of the Dog. Do it!). I’ve also got a copy of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde waiting for me, and Downshadow by Erik Scott de Bie.

2. The God Catcher

Turns out, a wide variety of people like it! Now, before I list these, I have to say that, yes, some are family members. But this is the thing about my family: They are bad liars. If my mom didn’t like my book, I know what she would have said:

“It is just so great…that you wrote this. I mean, you wrote a book! I’m so proud of you for writing this book!”

Not a doubt in my mind. I love her, but she’s also read my crummier attempts. Instead she was SO EXCITED. Same thing with my grandmother. No nonsense with these two. Also, not so much fantasy fans. But they love it.

I’ve also heard good things from Bruce Cordell! Last I heard, he was still reading, but he was still enjoying. And Ed Greenwood emailed me: he’s reading it again. 🙂

All these are great to hear. I know I like the book, but I–as much as I do this for a living–I seem to have no earthly idea if it’s remotely appealing to anyone else. More than that, I like seeing it appeal to so many different people.

3. Forgotten Realms Author Roundtable!

If you haven’t checked this out already, you should. New one goes up Friday!

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