New project, new word count

Today is the official start of my race to 90,000 words in my new project for Wizards of the Coast.  750 words a day and a “seed count” of 3750 (that is, the prologue, etc., I fiddled with to work out my character interactions–that took it’s own sweet time, and I don’t count it).  As I said before, if I make my word count for the week (9000 by Sunday) I get to go to brunch.*

So: Today, I’m now at 4579 (79 words over goal!). Woo-hoo! Let’s get going. Only…85, 423 words to go. Hm.

*Right now, I’m really not thinking about brunch. We ate at XXX Rootbeer for lunch. Ugh. Delicious, but too much. I’m skipping dinner. And maybe breakfast too. Fortunately, I have half a 55 Cameo Chicken Philly for lunch tomorrow. After I work out.

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