Open Notes to Self

Dear Erin,

You have and probably will continue to forget these things. Forgetting them causes you undue anxiety. You are hitting your word count, but you are talking yourself into a freaking fir. Please refer back to this list as necessary.


1. Your outline is not a holy writ. At the same time your editor is not suffering from some sort of House-level brain disease for approving it. (Sorry, Susan) It is in-between these things.

2. You are only going to figure out where in between by continuing to write.

3. You wrote a note to yourself during The God Catcher that says “Go back and make Tennora a noble woman.” You wrote another that says, “Nestrix should go shopping. Meet someone(?)” You didn’t even figure out that Veron was a half-orc until the final draft (and then some).  You didn’t know everything at the start then, and you sure as hell don’t now. This what they call a “work in progress.”

4. Googling yourself is not work.

5. Googling “Brimstone Angels” is also not work.

6. Your job is to mess with characters’ heads. Farideh is not real. Stop worrying about her emotional state. You are not going to feed her ice cream and tell her you’ll write her a nice boyfriend. (Also, that’s kind of patronizing anyway).

7. Pick up dry cleaning.

8. Specific to B.A. (but we’ll probably have this talk again in the future): Yeah, you picked some complicated characters. It is going to involve writing a lot of extra things to work out the kinks and make them feel natural. But–this is important–you like doing that.

9. Blogging is also not work (even though it feels like it).
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3 Responses to Open Notes to Self

  1. If you google yourself often enough, it is sort of like work 😉

  2. I recently read The God Catcher and enjoyed it very much. Just wanted to let you know that these posts on the writing process make an aspiring author such as myself feel a little better. Thank you.

  3. Nina says:

    Nice ode to Editors and to Susan!