Reversed GenCon

I’m at the airport, getting ready to board a plane (one of my least favorite things ever). And although it’s the weekend of GenCon Indy, sadly, that’s not where I’m heading.

In fact, I may be heading to the “Reversed” GenCon: Las Vegas.

In Tarot, when cards are dealt upside down, they’re termed “reversed.” In some ways, reversed cards are the polar opposite, but in other ways they’re just another way at looking at the subject. Las Vegas is all about gaming. GenCon is all about gaming. Two different sorts, to be sure, but they’re related.  Las Vegas is ungodly hot this time of year, and so is Indianapolis–one’s just a lot more humid. I have been to both places and made the ill-advised decision to get spectacularly drunk the night before my flight out. I’ve been thinking of the other ways that these two potential trips are both different and the same:

1. Dice figure heavily in both. But in Vegas, they frown on you bringing your own to the table.
2. People in weird costumes will walk around posing. But at GenCon, they’re much better.
3. People are always giving me business cards. Except in Las Vegas, they’re for prostitutes and at GenCon they’re for authors (who don’t like that comparison, so stop thinking it).
4. People give me odd looks–in Vegas, because I’m dressed too casual and at GenCon because (aside from the WotC uniform) I was always dressed too fancy.

(Another big “reversal”: I highly doubt anyone will come up to me in Vegas and ask if I’m Erin M. Evans, the author of The God Catcher, which they LOVED. Then again, when no one does it, in Vegas, I won’t feel bummed.*)

Here’s a big difference: Las Vegas is the sort of place where I’m prepared to not be myself. I’m prepared to look chic and trendy and have my nails unchipped and my makeup done (until I sweat it off). Once I’m off the plane, the ponytail holder is going in the toiletries bag–the hair only goes up with purpose.

A little of this is fun, in my book. I like pretending I’m glamorous and I care about this stuff. I do, a little. Mostly in erratic spurts.

But the nice thing about conventions is, I feel like it’s a lot easier to just be yourself. People might be confused why I decided to rock a silk party dress to the Dragonlance Anniversary Party last year, but it wasn’t a big deal. There’s definitely not a big feminist gamer presence at GenCon (though I hear there’s a cool Women in Gaming track I wish I could go to) but I still found places to have great conversations. There’s something for everyone, and everyone has something.

*If you are one of these people, and you would like to tell someone you think my book was awesome and you can’t wait to read the next one, please seek out Susan Morris, James Wyatt, or Bill Slavicsek. Feel free to lay it on thick. 😉

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8 Responses to Reversed GenCon

  1. Ed Greenwood says:

    Missed you, Erin!
    Write sequels to GOD CATCHER, lots of them; I’ll read them eagerly!
    I’m so bummed that you were hurled from the good ship WotC. Perhaps, in some bright future sailing, you’ll end up at its helm and penning Realms novels by the score…

  2. erin says:

    Awww, Ed. I missed you too. I actually was hatching a crafty plan to fly to Indy for Thursday night, then get a red-eye back to Seattle, then fly to Vegas….just so I could at least have drinks with you guys!

    But oh, I was in the airport right after this post and I saw a guy completely engrossed im Dark Vengeance. I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t figure out a way to use my webcam surreptitiously. ;p

    New book has only a teensy God Catcher tie-in, but I think you’ll like it.

  3. Ed Greenwood says:

    Looking forward to that new book. Susan has promised to inflictxxx share the Spin A Yarn I wrote from your notes, so you can feel the full awesome er, awesomeness…
    Dark Vengeance, eh? Must right a sequel to that, someday…
    And when next we meet, drinks are on me. Oh, I’m sure you’d prefer to have them in the glasses, at least at first, but…;}
    More hugs (ooh, kisses! Me LIKES kisses!),

  4. erin says:

    How long have you been saving that one? 😉

    I have the unedited Spin-A-Yarn. I’m saving it for when I hit the halfway mark in Brimstone Angels. I’ve peeked though and wow. I have to admit, I was skeptical you could make all of that into a story. I recant.

    More kisses (Chaste ones!)

  5. Ed Greenwood says:

    I never say them, I simply spew them. (Yeah, I know, that could be phrased more elegantly…but I prefer the unbridled honesty. Banish all thoughts of Ed bridled, non-S&Mers.)
    Every year I hope the Spin A Yarn attendees will stray from the lewd and the “amusing” (and long-stretch-possibly amusing) long enough to let me pen a semi-serious Realms tale…and every year, my hopes are dashed.
    Wait’ll you see THIS year’s story elements. Sheesh. I thought * I * had a filthy mind.
    I’ll happily take those kisses and blow more back in your direction. Hey, as long as I’m chased…
    (Yes, Henny Youngman and Jack Benny both used that line. But they’re both dead now, so… ;} )
    All great fortune to you in penning New York Times bestselling novels. Then I’ll get to see you on Leno, or better Jon Stewart, even up here in Canada.

  6. Ed Greenwood says:

    Oh, and re. topless opera. I’ve seen productions, and you don’t want to see it as much as you think you do. (Bruce and Bart, now, that’s different, but most tenors look like hairy pouter-puff-chested chickens when bared to the waist. And most basses look like bears emerging from hibernation grumpily, moulting and all…
    Whereas on the gentler side of the equation, some coloraturas at full blast look like a pair of balloons are being tortured…
    Ahem. Sorry about the visuals.
    Not deeply sorry, but sorry… ;}
    More hugs,

  7. E. Foley says:

    I agree with Ed here… topless opera could be a very DO NOT WANT experience.

    Now Bruce & Bart… well… that wouldn’t be bad. 😉

  8. erin says:

    I guess the Seattle Opera has weirdly hot tenors and baritones. Either they were definitely shirtless for “The Pearl Fishers,” or in my head I started imagining them shirtless…