Back on the horse

Every night it seems, as soon as I’ve laid my head down and started to drift, a thought runs through my head: “I didn’t blog today.” I had plenty of reasons, sure–work, writing, some editing on the side, house chores, that one really addictive internet site–but the guilt that inevitably forces its way through all those excuses. I didn’t blog. I should have blogged. If I don’t start blogging again soon, I am a terrible writer. Worse, it means I am following none of my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve already said I don’t like blogging. The more I blog, the more likely it is you all will realize I barely know what I’m doing. The more likely it is that I will say something incredibly stupid. Or offensive. Or maybe incite some sort of riot. About serial commas, maybe.But–damnit–it’s not really doing any of us any favors, is it?

┬áSo here we go: I have things planned. Let’s hope this is the start of good things, and maybe also me eating better and not skipping the gym, and also worrying less. Even if I don’t, rest assured, there will be blogs…

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