New Book Rambling

Brimstone Angels is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

If you look for Brimstone Angels on B&N’s website at this point you get this. Rrow.

Which reminds me of this blog post I read on Jezebel the other day about nudity on magazine covers.  (possibly NSFW depending on how conservative your company is).  I don’t know how applicable the findings are to me and the Husband personally, but they’re interesting to think about. I don’t know what the cover of Brimstone Angels looks like yet. I don’t think it’s done. But I’m pretty sure it won’t have a half-naked man on the cover. If that study’s statistically significant, it’s probably a good thing.

But I’ve always wondered about the demographic break-down of FR (and more specifically my FR) readership. I had a lot of women (a lot of wives and girlfriends of Forgotten Realms fans) tell me The God Catcher was the first Forgotten Realms book they really “got”–which really pleased me. I may have actually improved relationships with a story about dragons! (So if your significant other doesn’t understand your love of FR…might I suggest The God Catcher?)

Borders doesn’t know what a Brimstone Angels is. It doesn’t even have a guess. I suppose they have bigger issues on their minds right now than whether or not I should request a hot half-naked man on my next cover.

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