New Day

Today, I am thirty.

This is less dramatic than I ever expected. I suspect it’s partly because I’ve watched the husband be a thirty something for around three years. His crystal has yet to change colors.

And partly because I worked in book publishing long enough to stretch my sense of the calendar. I’ve been mentally preparing for 2011 since, I think, late 2008. I’ll never forget the conversation I had with Phil Athans, discussing the future schedules:

“Do you realize,” I said, only just realizing it for myself, “that I’ll be THIRTY in 2011?”

“Oh my god,” Phil said. “Get back to me when you’re forty.”

Nevertheless, I feel a certain desire to be a little more serious, a little more responsible. Okay, a little more ostentatiously responsible. Blog time.

But here’s the trick: these days, I’m rather preoccupied with a few topics.

1) Brimstone Angels. Which only two people have read–me and my editor. I certainly don’t want to bore or oversaturate you all before November, so I’m avoiding blogging about it much.

2) My next book for WotC. Which I’m not allowed to talk about yet. Although I can say it’s probably not Brimstone Angels 2 in 2012.

3) My super secret project. This is occupying the largest part of my brainspace, but I’m not ready to share. Maybe around GenCon.

What’s left? Ephemera, nonsense, things I wonder if I’m qualified to be interesting musing on, and posts about writing. Also, hair.

But hey–there will be something here to read!

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2 Responses to New Day

  1. Thirty is only a milestone when you are twenty-eight.

    I am reading The God-Catcher for a second time. Do you think you will write other novels around the same characters?


  2. erin says:

    Hi David,

    I am not opposed to writing more novels with the same characters, though I wrote The God Catcherwith the intent that it be a stand-alone. My upcoming book, Brimstone Angelsfeatures new characters. The book I’ll start in the next month or so, however, is still under discussion so we’ll see!