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GenCon Schedule

Next week, I’ll be in Indianapolis for GenCon 2011. My schedule is still forming in some ways, but the thing the wide, wild internet should potentially care the most about is the signing I’ll be doing. Friday from 12:30-1:30 PM, … Continue reading

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Addendum to the Conversation

Stuck in traffic. Chat on social pressures geeky boys vs. geeky girls face winds down with surely obnoxious proto-parental musings on how OUR boy do better. Lull. “By the way, I put that conversation we had about Sean Bean up … Continue reading

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Let me make something perfectly clear: the man I married is fantastic. I’m pretty bad at writing down all the reasons I think that—mostly they’re too big and broad and messy.   Example: How do you sum up the fact that … Continue reading

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