GenCon Schedule

Next week, I’ll be in Indianapolis for GenCon 2011. My schedule is still forming in some ways, but the thing the wide, wild internet should potentially care the most about is the signing I’ll be doing.

Friday from 12:30-1:30 PM, I’ll be signing with Ed Greenwood. Bring God Catchers and Realms of the Deads* and I’ll sign them–or be one of the first 50 fans to come by and I’ll sign a free copy of The God Catcher for you!

I’ll also have bookmarks to promote Brimstone Angels, featuring a piece of the gorgeous cover art by Kekai Kotaki. If you’re excited for Neverwinter, this novel’s for you!

*Still haven’t read this awesome anthology? Check out my story “The Resurrection Agent” for free, here.

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One Response to GenCon Schedule

  1. Ralph Pulner says:

    I just read The God Catcher and you’ve just knocked a heavy off of my pedestal for best Forgotten Realms author. Tell Ed if you keep writing I’ll keep buying. A great breath of fresh air and the best of the Waterdeep novels in my opinion. I’m 35 and a bit of a completist so I look forward to more from you.