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The Lorcan Man, Part 2: Fighting the Current

Background: Read this. If you haven’t read Brimstone Angels—because, perhaps, you are orbiting the earth in the International Space Station and forgot to pack a copy—Lorcan is the cambion (half-devil) that the book’s main character, Farideh, has forged a warlock … Continue reading

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Contest Update

So a little less than a week ago, I started this contest to coincide with the release of my next book Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils. I decided to tier the prizes, kind of like a kickstarter, only instead of money, you … Continue reading

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THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! **In the interest of tidiness, I’m going to condense all the updates.** We’ve broken 240; hooray! Talk about a jump! Watch for the second cutscene later this week. The first (as promised … Continue reading

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