Contest Update

So a little less than a week ago, I started this contest to coincide with the release of my next book Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils. I decided to tier the prizes, kind of like a kickstarter, only instead of money, you have to leave a comment. Easy-peasy. (And by the way, I am loving the sheer variety of answers you guys are posting!)

I guess I underestimated the number of people who are excited about Lesser Evils (or just excited about free books!) because the last tier of prizes I designated is fast approaching. Thank you so much to everyone who’s entered. Time to think of new things to get you guys excited.

Also, for those of you who keep checking back on the original post (I know some of you are. has outed you, repeat visitors!), I am getting over my meh-ness about blogging, and writing more things to entertain you while you do! Check back often.

On to prizes!

If 120 people enter the giveaway:

  • One person will win signed copies of Brimstone Angels, Lesser Evilsthe second Waterdeep Omnibus (featuring The God Catcher)and a copy of Realms of the Dead, featuring the first appearance of Tam “the Shepherd” Zawad, among other great stories.
  •  Five additional people will win a copy of either Brimstone Angels or Lesser Evils.
  • AND as a thank you to everyone who enters, I will release a cut scene from Lesser Evils 

If 240 people enter the giveaway
  • One person will win the books listed above PLUS a copy of the Sundering poster given out at GenCon. (I will be happy to sign this too, or send it to you clean.)
  • TWO people will get a copy of Brimstone Angels AND a copy of Lesser Evils
  •  Five additional people will win a copy of either Brimstone Angels or Lesser Evils.
  • AND…I will release another cut scene from Lesser Evils!

And just to make things interesting/cover my bases, if at least 500 people enter the giveaway, I will do all of the above, PLUS….

I will write a free short story to be published on

I am mulling over options for what it could be about…but my first thought is The God Catcher follow-up people keep asking me for. If you’ve already commented, at this point it is actually in your best interests to get that count up to at least 60 (when your odds of winning come down again).  If you want more free reads, spread the word!

Please comment on the original post to be entered in the contest.

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5 Responses to Contest Update

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  2. Mitch Morris says:

    Love of lore is not a sin. Unless, the lore be sinful.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Love your writing, keep up the great work!

  4. Nick says:

    I have been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons since the late 70s and ever since reading novels based in the Forgotten Realms, I consider this to be the only theme worth my attention. I would love to win this contest! Good luck to all!

  5. Kay says:

    I don’t usually read books with evil organizations, so I will have to go with The Empire from Star Wars. I read on Omnivoracious that your writing is very good with great character development–always looking for great writers.