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In less than a week, Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils comes out. I’m so excited (and nervous–but I’m almost always a little nervous)! If you haven’t checked out the contest yet, you have a few days left!

To celebrate, I’m going to be doing my first ever blog tour (which, if you’re curious, is where I fell down on my “keep blogging” plan–I have to write all these blogs and do all these interviews to get ready). Below is the schedule. In the meantime, I highly suggest you check some of these out!

Monday, December 3: Writer’s Don’t Cry with Susan Morris. Have you read Susan’s column? You should. Susan is not only full of excellent advice and excellent book picks, but she also draws a mean Emoticow. I’ll be talking to her about writing dialogue, since she named the Brimstone Angels series as one of her top five books for writers in 2012 based partly on the dialogue. (Did I mention Susan has excellent taste?)

Tuesday, December 4:  Fantasy Author Handbook with Philip Athans. You should read this one too–Phil is also full of excellent advice (try to squeeze into one of his writing panels at a con…seriously. You should. If you have to trip someone, just make sure no one sees you in the crush). His blog is also one of those you start reading on a coffee break…and then realize the sun is coming up.

Wednesday, December 5:  SF Signal—interview with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. SF Signal won a 2012 Hugo for BEst Fanzine. It’s packed with news, fiction, interviews and more (And if you make it through all that, you can check out Bryan’s novels too )

Thursday, December 6:  Suvudu Take Five. If you haven’t eagerly read through Suvudu’s yearly Cage Match, pitting fantasy characters against each other in a delightful crossover bracket, you’re missing out. You’re also missing their Take Five feature–which having reviewed extensively prior to this blog tour, I can tell you is full of gems.

Friday,  December 7:  D&D site! I’m excited about this one, especially since I have special co-bloggers. You will get a peek behind the curtain at part of the process we authors don’t usually talk about.

Monday, December 10: A guest blog with Jennifer Brozek. If you have been to a SF/F convention, picked up at RPG book, or poked your nose into the wild space we call the internet, you have likely crossed paths with this lady or her work. I first crossed paths with her at a writer’s retreat where we did a panel with two different topics we managed to cheerfully merge! Jennifer does this nifty feature on her site called “Tell Me” where she has authors talking about their latest work.

Tuesday, December 11: A guest blog on Grasping for the Wind. Okay. I’ll admit. This is the last thing I still have to do. A blog about using D&D as inspiration. Probably. I hate committing to things I’m not finished with. But while I finish, this is a cool site for reviews and other such stuff!


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