Blog Tour Roundup

If you missed any of the stops on the Lesser Evils release week blog tour, here are all the links for your enjoyment!

Writer’s Don’t Cry on Omnivoracious: Writing Killer Dialogue. If you’re only going to read one of these and you want to write, read this one. As much as my upbringing fights it, I’m going to admit I’m pretty fucking good at dialogue, and until Susan asked me all the right questions, my answer to “How do you write good dialogue?” was “You just do. I don’t know!”

Fantasy Author’s Handbook: An interview with Phil Athans which includes the tale of where Farideh got her start.

Book Wyrms on Judging a Book by Its Cover. A blog with Jon Schindehette (the D&D art director) and Nina Hess (FR editor extraordnaire) about creating the covers for Brimstone Angels andLesser Evils.Includes rough sketches of the covers-that-might-have-been.

Suvudu: Take Five. Five cool things about Lesser Evils.

SFSignal: Interview with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. Includes questions about all my books, so if you read that last post and you’re all, “WTF isThe God Catcher?” here you go. Tell Me, where I talk about why I love villains. Six Questions with Keith Baker, where I tell you who I want to punch (hint: not Keith).

Grasping for the Wind: Using D&D as Inspiration. I am bad at titles, but I am good at not letting the game get in the way of a good story, and not letting a good story trample the game!

Lastly, Names: A New Perspective: Other People’s Names, where I talk about working with the constraints of a shared world when it comes to naming.

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  1. Josh says:

    “I’m pretty fucking good at dialogue” Yes you are and Lesser Evils was great!