Interview on Omnivoracious

Today is the start of Lesser Evils Blog Tour. Head over to the Omnivoracious column  Writers Don’t Cry to check out an interview I did with Susan J. Morris about writing dialogue to die for.

Let me say too, this is probably one of the strangest parts of being a professional writer for me: People ask me to be an authority on things. Which I suppose I am as much as anybody.*  I’m pretty happy with my dialogue in general, and so are other people. I can probably talk about that without feeling silly.

But for dialogue in particular, I’ve never had an easy time giving tips. You just write it and then it’s either good, or it’s clunky, and you fix it. Ta-da!

Fortunately, Susan is very good at asking questions that make you turn the topic just a little and see that—oh!—you do have something to say. Which is good, because you already agreed to do this interview and Susan’s been super nice about the whole thing.


*Maybe not as much as Elmore Leonard, the Guy Everyone Cites for Good Dialogue**

**…I probably should have cited Elmore Leonard. He’s very good.

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