The Sundering Begins

Today marks the release of R.A. Salvatore’s The Companions, which you are probably all busy reading. When you’re done and you get back here, I will sound as if I’m speaking from the past. But roll with me.

That means the Sundering officially starts today and gets a great big kickoff at Gen Con! Are you excited? I’m excited. So set your copy of The Companions down for a second and check these out!

#1: Sundering Novels Story Summit.
Here’s a little video they put together of the novel authors (R.A. Salvatore, Paul S. Kemp, Richard Lee Byers, Troy Denning, Ed Greenwood, and me) as well as Mike Mearls and James Wyatt, talking about the creation of the Sundering novels.

#2: Sundering Adventure video
Meet Isteval, paladin of Lathander (Right!?), and get a glimpse of what your characters are in for as the Sundering comes to Baldur’s Gate.

This page is full of links to Sundering-related excellence–the books, the adventures, the app, interviews, and more! Click around. Get even more excited!

#4: The Launch Party in Baldur’s Gate
Are you headed to Gen Con? Have you got tickets for “A Night With Dungeons & Dragons”? If you said, yes and then no, get on it. This is going to be a blast with food, drinks, PUZZLES, prizes, and if rumors are accurate, a murder! *gasp!* Also, designers and authors of some of your favorite Forgotten Realms books! (If you aren’t already signed in there, the event code is ENT1346625)

EDIT: Oh hey! One more video!
R.A. Salvatore on the Sundering and The Companions

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