When the Hero Comes Home 2

Good morning everyone! (At least, I hope your morning is going well, or went well, if it’s not still your morning. Mine’s going pretty well! Starting with this cool interview)

I have some cool news for you (maybe this will make your morning even better–retroactively even!): an anthology I have a story in is now for sale! Can’t stand waiting for The Adversary? Here’s a little bit of fiction to tide you over–plus lots of other great stories by other great authors, including Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, James L. Sutter, and Mercedes Lackey

When the Hero Comes Home 2

They say you can never go home again…

Join us for all new stories of heroes whose journeys have ended, and whose quests have been won–or lost–as they discover the fate of the people and places they’d left behind. 

Featuring bestsellers, luminaries, and bold new voices. The print book contains 21 science fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy short stories. Buy the ebook (epub or Kindle) for 8 bonus stories!

My story, “Remnants,” involves quantum witches, the aftermath of war, and the one that got away. And trolls.

You can pick it up right now for ebook, either in epub format or for Kindle. The trade paperback version will be available in early September. Check it out and leave your thoughts here!

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