The Adversary Releases Today

Today is The Adversary’s book birthday! Hooray!

Cover art by Tyler Jacobson.

Cover art by Tyler Jacobson.

I’ve already shown you piles of excerpts (mountains even!). I’ve already gone on about writing it. I’ve done a bunch of interviews with wonderful folks and had still more wonderful folks review it. (Barnes & Noble even put it on their list of the season’s best Fantasy and Science Fiction AND Books Everyone Should Read!)

Now all that’s left is for you to read it. I hope you enjoy.

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2 Responses to The Adversary Releases Today

  1. Logan Moline says:

    Very excited about reading it!!! I REALLY appreciate your approach to writing your characters (i.e. they are real people issues in a fantastic setting). I also really enjoyed meeting you, Ed, and Troy at the Seattle signing (we shared baby pictures (not ours, but of our children)).

    Excited to dig in, unfortunately I still haven’t gotten to Brimstone Angels and Lesser Evils… Starting those NOW!!!

  2. Kyle says:

    I got the amazing opporunity to meet you at Thurber House in Columbus (you signed my copy of The Godcatcher!) and it was spectacular. I just have to throw my two cents in there and say its very sexy that you and Farideh resemble eachother on the cover of The Advesary 😉 Congratulations on the book. Definately my favorite in The Sundering thus far!