Part of “don’t worry so much about what people might think” also includes not editing myself into a frothing mess. (Acquaintances can probably all cite times I’ve sent an email, only to follow up with a second email an hour later, rephrasing what I was trying to say. It’s probably more obnoxious than whatever I imagined I’d accidentally said.) However, I’m not there yet.

Stress less. I kind of have to do this whether I like it or not. I made myself physically ill—very ill—writing The Adversary. I can’t do that again. (Keep this in mind when you whip through it in three days. Read it twice at least. For me and my broken organs.)

I meant this almost entirely tongue in cheek, but I want to stress that since I’ve now had two people apologize (seriously or not) for whipping through The Adversary. I still think you should read it more than once–I try to write books you can re-read, and I think there are things you won’t necessarily see as important or resonant the first go-round.

Regardless of how many times you read it or don’t, I know there’s something fantastic about knowing you wrote something that someone couldn’t put down, that they didn’t set it aside to be entertained by other things, that they preferred your book. I appreciate that aspect, I really do. As one speedy reader to another, I do totally get the compliment in this, as well as the fact that you can absolutely consume a book in three days and “get” all the nuance and work and such. I am not even a little mad at you.

The fact remains, as with all creative endeavors, that the amount of time and energy you put into a thing dwarfs the amount of time it takes to consume it and set it aside. (If you took eighteen months to read The Adversary, I’d feel like I’d done a bad job.) It’s just true, and the options are accept the facts or put less work into creating.

Or guilt your readers into re-reading. (Also reviewing)

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5 Responses to Disclaimer

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  2. Scott McCool says:

    I could probably find more appropriate posts to scatter comments over, but having just found the blog (and finished The Adversary), it seems easier to try to collect thoughts here.

    First, I just have to say I’ve loved the Brimstone Angels books. Being set in the Realms gives them an element of nostalgia (even if the setting has changed greatly from the version I was familiar with), but I can see how it’s also limiting at times. The characters, however, transcend that. I picked up the first one based on a review in spite of it being a tie-in book rather than because of it, and now I’m eager to see more of those characters’ stories largely regardless of setting. As a reader, I might want to shake a character and tell them to just talk to someone else, those difficulties in communication remain part of what makes the relationships feel real. Love it.

    I’d have to say, I didn’t pick up on Mehen being gay. Knowing that, it does make everything click, and maybe it doesn’t need to be said blatantly in the stories told thus far. It’s good to hear that you held to the concept in mind, even with all the difficulties involved, and that the industry is getting more accepting of such things.

    Also, as much as I (and others) look forward to the next installment, you should definitely try to avoid hurting yourself over it. Take care of yourself. And while I can’t promise multiple readings (something I personally have problems with), I can genuinely offer: the idea of rereading this series is far more appealing than most novels I’ve gone through in the last few years.

    Be well.

  3. Sara Max says:

    I understand what you mean… well after I read the post 3 times, but what you said is true. I can’t think of a book I truly enjoy that I haven’t read at least parts, more then once I kinda have to because just like you said some of us whip through because we can’t put them down. Its kinda ironic since we do it because we enjoy the book so much , but end up missing parts in return.

    All in all I love the series so much that I can’t put the books down I hunted down your website so thank-you for sharing your writing with us. 🙂

  4. erin says:

    Thank you both very much! Makes the job a little easier. 🙂

  5. I’ve yet to get my hands on The Adversary, though there’s a very good chance I’ll be reading it more than once, and a very good chance I’ll be devouring it like sponge candy once I do get it.

    I’ve read your other three novels several times, and enjoyed them each time. Can’t imagine The Adversary would be any different.

    Echoing what Scott said, be well. You’ve got me hooked on your work. That hook won’t go away because you took extra time to be healthy!