Crossing the Streams

THANKS FOR ENTERING! The contest is complete. Winners of my drawing have been notified. The big winner will be notified soon!

Welcome to “Crossing the Streams 2014,”a huge, multi-author book giveaway! This is the post for my part of the contest. (Hi!)

Uh, you’re not supposed to cross the streams…What is this?

“Crossing the Streams 2014” is a contest where I and nearly two dozen other speculative fiction writers are running contests to win copies of our books.

Hey, I like winning copies of books! How do I enter?

Here’s how it works: Each individual author involved is running a contest on his or her own site. (The specific details vary from author to author; the contest I run on my site might be very different than the one on James’s site, or Marcy’s site, so read the rules below). Each of us will select two winners from our contest, who will receive signed copies of a book. Huzzah!

Once the contests have ended, all the authors involved will get together and choose one single “super-winner” from all the entries on all our sites combined. This one lucky individual will receive a signed book, free, from each and every one of the authors involved.

Wait. So I might win like twenty free books?


Awesome! Anything else?

You can only enter each author’s contest once, but you may enter multiple contests. So you could enter here, on Marcy’s site, on Ari’s site, etc. You can enter on everyone’s site, if you want. (And even if you aren’t selected as the “super winner,” you might win more than one of the individual contests. You never know.) You can find a complete list of the authors involved, as well as links to their sites at the bottom.

So how do I enter your contest, Erin?

Leave a comment on this post (make sure you give your real email address so I can contact you if you win) answering this question: What four fictional characters would you want in your adventuring party?  They can be from any source and you don’t have to fill out the “classic roles,” but they must be fictional. If you pick characters from my books, you will be my favorite, but it won’t sway the random selection program I’ll use to decide a winner. You can just list names, list roles, or post a great big dissertation on why you want these people at your side–I’ll read them all. 

OMG, this is so exciting! Should I enter now? Should I take time to think of an awesome answer?

Entries must be received between February 19 and March 19, 2014.

What do I win?

Winners of my contest will receive a signed copy of The Adversary, my latest book.

Uh, I have that already.

If you already have The Adversary or if you haven’t read any of the Brimstone Angels books and want to start at the beginning, then you can choose a Brimstone Angels/Lesser Evils pack instead. 

I have those, too. 

Aren’t you sweet! Well, if none of those appeal to you, I can offer you the promise of a copy of my next book Fire in the Blood, which comes out in October 2014.

What about those other authors? Are they good? Where can I enter their contests?

You can find names and links here. Everyone involved in this contest is a great author or artist–some you probably know and some who might be new to you. Check out their sites and see. You might find something you love! (And you’ll definitely be able to throw your name in for a free book or dozen.)

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83 Responses to Crossing the Streams

  1. Matt says:

    1. Liriel Banere (Drow Mage/Cleric)
    2. Athrogate (Dwarf Fighter)
    3. Imoen (Human Rogue/Mage)
    4. Deekin Scalesinger (Kobold Bard)

  2. Theodore Ladas says:

    My choice of companions might seem a bit… strange at first, but be assured, I do plan on justifying my selection:

    I would certainly start with Granny Weatherwax(from Terry Pratchet’s Discworld series) for securing invincibility and the necessary amount of explosiveness
    I would then add Tasslehof Burfoot(Dragonlance Series) for eliminating any chance of predictability for the team
    finally, I would include Havilar (no flattery intended!) in the mix for extra flavor and volatility

    Since it is now obvious that the purpose of this explosive mix of a group would be no other than to destroy the world and find unique and imaginative ways to reduce everything and everyone unwise enough to cross its path into dust, I would choose a priest of Shar to accompany them. Probably a secret one. And who would fit better than….

    Marvin the Paranoid Android, from “The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”! Yes, I realize that you probably had no clue about this, but come on, even Rivalen Tanthul would be considered the epitome of optimism compared to Marvin! So there is no chance he is NOT a Sharran(and don’t forget she is the godess of secrets, too!)


  3. Karl Kloeden says:

    Hi Erin,
    My picks are:
    1. Yomiko “The Paper” Readman from Read or Die – A bibliophile her ability to manipulate paper to various ends (bulletproof shields, weapons, transport, constructs), limited only by her imagination, makes her a good defensive character able to adapt to the situation and protect the group. On top of this she can extreme speed read, and the ability to memorise every word she has read make her a good knowledge resource.
    2. Nightcrawler – His ability to teleport and being able to blend into shadows, coupled with his great agility and flexibility, make him an ideal stealth/ranged character. Good for hit and run tactics.
    3. Shan Frankland from The Wess’har Wars by Karen Traviss – a formidable woman with strong personal principles, she would be a strong leader and diplomat with the addition of military training, and she’s pretty much invincible with her body adapting to any environment or condition at high speed.
    4. Mortimer “Morte” Rictusgrin from Planescape: Torment – A wisecracking floating skull, who is able to assist well in combat with bites and taunts

  4. Micha says:

    Well, my all star team comes from a couple of unusual places, though they all are from some of my favorite books. So, I present to you my own idea of Charlie’s Angels below.

    Now, there’s not a lot of roguish characters that make my list; however, there is a rather awesome character I think could fit the role, though drawn from an urban fantasy story; in fact, she was my number one pick for the contest. In the place of the party’s rogue comes Ivy Tamwood, from The Hallows Series by Kim Harrison. This poor vampiress was trained from birth to exist as an older and abusive undead ancestor, who twisted and tainted everyone around him. He was especially known for inflicting horrible twisted physical and psychological addictions on his favorites, all in an attempt to get them to say “No.” Some perverse Pygmalion idea of breeding an equal. Through the course of the stories, she grows from being a pawn, to overcoming her addiction, to eventually becoming a strength for everyone else trapped in the system to get out. It doesn’t hurt either that she’s a wickedly clever detective and, at times, a complete geek. She has this delightful contrast of being a leashed savage warrior at times struggling with powerful emotions, a growing idealism, obsessive need to plan out nearly everything, and geeking out over some new tech or procedure.

    The party fighter is another character drawn from modern fantasy stories, one Kate Daniels, from her namesake novel series by Ilona Andrews. Vampire slayer, bounty hunter, and spell blade, Kate spent most of her adult life in a state of paranoia, thanks to a reasonable fear of her dear father being an insane Overlord wannabe with a tendency to kill his children, and her being raised to eventually slay him. Priorites skew when she meets close friends, adopts a young child, and eventually, runs into a situation where she faces a choice – risk exposure, or fight for her friends. Well, she decided to go one step further, and literally throw herself on the magical equivalent of a massive grenade in sword form to save her family and friends. She recovers, but soon after has to spend two weeks fighting off constant assassination attempts on her fiance’s life while he was in a coma, practically destroying her knee for life, even with magical healing. She risks sanity and life in an insane ritual to save the life of her adopted daughter, her mind being shattered by a lycanthropy disease on steroids. Kate Daniels makes the cut, not only for her skill with blade and magic in a fight, but her insane loyalty to friends and obsessive protectiveness to her family.

    Turning to a more traditional fantasy story for the role of cleric, we come upon Sophie from The School of Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani. While this is actually a book meant for young adults, its actually very cleverly written and twists upon the old traditional evil witch, and the princess / price stories we’re all familiar with from fairy tales and Disney movies. Sophie is a girl pulled from her life and forced to attend a school, where witches and princes and princesses are raised. Though she wanted to be a witch, and seemed to have the temperment for it, she was chosen to be trained as a “princess.” Still, she came to realize that she really didn’t have the natural darkness one needed to be a witch, and actually learned a number of tricks to become a “princess.” She came to realize, to her horror, that a lot of the things princesses did were actually horrific, involving enslavement and trapped spirits, and worse. And then disaster struck, and when no one listened, got pissed, ran off to try and fix things on her own, and ended up in the role of prince to save the “evil witch,” whom she regarded as a friend. Its only the first book, and there’s much to go, but for the white-magic-using-girl who broke thousand years of horrible traditions, I think that she has a lot of potential to shine in the future.

    And lastly, in the role of party mage, comes everyone’s favorite warlock, yes, Farideh, the Lady of Black Magic. Yes, I know that our esteemed author had said that she didn’t see Farideh fitting into any trope but Hero, but I think LoBM fits her really well, especially post-Adversary. So, what about Farideh makes her such an attractive choice, over someone else? As many of you readers may have noticed, should you have come thus far, its not the magical or physical strength that I’ve chosen these powerful women for, but rather their character. In Farideh’s case, its her hope, for lack of a better word. Her power is as dark as they come. She’d become convinced that she’s owned, body and soul, by the God of Evil. Certain her friends called her betrayer. And, yet, when faced with absolute despair, her words? “I’m sorry I cannot save you.” She is her own light in the darkness.

  5. Christos Pipinikas says:

    Hey Erin, congratulations on your work!
    I’ll try to keep this short-ish, I wouldn’t want to spend extra time reading entries when you could be writing. After all, the sooner you finish a novel, the sooner I’ll get to read it.

    I’d start with Ari Marmell’s portrayal of the planeswalker Jace Beleren. Who wouldn’t want a mindmage on their corner?

    The group’s core could be no other than Stephen King’s Roland Descain. Hero or anti-hero? Whichever of the two, I’d rather have him on my corner than not.

    Every group needs a comic relief, and mine would be another hero from the MtG universe. Squee, the immortal goblin cabin-hand!

    Finally, you’ll allow me to include a young heroine of my own conception. She’s called Stine, she’s an engineer and she really needs to take some time off. It would be harsh to exclude her from an adventure!

  6. Stefan Gore says:

    1.) Farideh (Because she rocks!)
    2.) Drizzt Do’Urden (Scimitars high!)
    3.) Gerald Tarrant (my favorite anti-hero from C.S. Friedman’s Cold Fire Trilogy)
    4.) Locke Lamora (the Gentleman Bastard himself)

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  8. Jason Lutman says:

    Elminster (Pre-Spellplague!)

    Jarlaxle (Hey this dude has a solution to everything!!)

    Tam- (Who doesn’t love a smart ass witty cleric?)

    Luke Skywalker (Cause damnit I like lightsabers!)

  9. Arch says:

    Wow…just 4??? Ummmm

    Ok 1) Batman – do I really have explain why?
    2) Durzo Blint (Night Angel Trilogy) – the man is inexplicably explicable. That make sense to anybody else? He’s seen so much and still never saw it all. An enigma at best but fun to be around. Also, I kind of picture Tom Hiddleston playing him in a movie.
    3) Hermoine Granger – yup. No it’s not just because she was portrayed by Emma Watson, she’s just a badass female protagonist.
    4) Peter Venkman just to lighten the mood.

  10. Steven Wilber says:

    That’s a tough one:

    1. Raistlin Majere (Magic User who does what needs to be done and damn the consequences)
    2. Drizzt do’Urden (Fighter and all-around bad ass. Since I’d likely slice off my own toes if I ever got into a sword fight, I’d need some muscle around to pretect me on this junket).
    3. Erevis Cale (Just because he’s one of my all-time favorite characters and not to bad in a fight. Also the whole shadow walking thing could be useful to get into and out of some interesting places and situations…)
    4. Mat Cauthon (from the Wheel of Time Series, but perhaps from the early books because every group needs a joker to lighten the mood. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he develops into a fine general)

  11. Wayne Sklow says:

    The four fictional characters I would want in my adventuring party are as follows:

    1) Elminster (if your going to adventure, might as well with someone who can scorch the heavens)
    2) Jarlaxle Baenre (adds that bit of mystery and intrigue to the party; not to mention almost every magic item known in the Realms)
    3) Mehen (ass kicking dragonborn, no need to say anything else)
    4) Gimli (how can you not adventure without a dwarf)

    Thank you for your consideration.

  12. I’d like submit my insane concept for an adventuring party for the “Crossing the Streams” contest and let you know that I’ve been posting links and information regarding the project on LinkedIn and twitter to show my support for many of my favorite writers and creators.
    As I have read Brimstone Angels, Lesser Evils, and I am currently reading The Adversary, I would be open to a mere letter from you or an endorsement on 😉
    The Coalition of the Unwilling:
    Elric of Melnibone, Sorcerer, KinSlayer, Dragonlord, Exiled King of the Dreaming City, from the works of Michael Moorcock
    Jack Half-a-Prayer, infamous New Crobuzon criminal/terrorist, from China Mieville’s work
    Count Strahd von Zarovich, vampire-lord of Castle Ravenloft, based on the work of Tracy and Laura Hickman, as well as Bruce R. Cordell and James Wyatt
    And Dhavibashta, Rakshasa Raja from Eberron Campaign Setting and “In The Claws of the Tiger” by James Wyatt
    Not exactly aspects of the Champion Eternal but guaranteed to strike terror into even the most insidious creatures from the realms of fantasy!

  13. Julian says:

    1. Bud Abbott
    2. Lou Costello
    3. Frankenstein
    4. Werewolf.

    I mean you really have to ask. The comedy alone would kill most people.
    I’m sorry, I’m old.

  14. Rechan says:

    1) Drizzt Du’Urden – he has epic level plot armor. WotC would never let such a cash cow die.

    2) Batman. A filthy rich brilliant ninja with a gadget for every occasion.

    3) Harry Dresden. We need a wizard, and a smartass.

    4) T1000. Because come on. That’s freaking cool.

  15. Cheyne Allen says:

    1. John Carter of Mars (Barsoom) – He didn’t even need a spaceship.
    2. Tarl Cabot of Gor- Giant rideable hawks, nuff said.
    3. Harry Potter of Gryffindor-You never know when a good Patronus charm is needed.
    4. Yoda of Dagobah- An explanation, you need?

  16. bn100 says:

    1) Hermione Granger
    2) Robinson Crusoe
    3) Sherlock Holmes
    4) Batman

  17. 1) Melisande Shahrizai from the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. She’s an evil mastermind, and I figure I need someone who can play the long game.

    2) Mara Jade from Star Wars. Butt kicking female Jedi, ’nuff said.

    3) JK Rowling. We need someone to write down the adventures in case we lose all the gold.

    4) Mehen! I have a soft spot for him.

    email: maurapedia @

  18. My four picks:

    Raistlin, because no adventuring party can ever be complete without his ascerbic attitude and sarcasm.
    Pug, because he is one of my favourite fantasy characters ever.
    Erevis Cale, for when you need that shadow assassin.
    Havilar, because she is just too damn awesome 😀

  19. Travis Weigel says:

    Jarlaxle Baenre – well connected and always seems to have the right tools for the job
    Pharaun Mizzrym – skilled wizard and a likable rascal
    Erevis Cale – loyal rogue who can do a bit of healing when needed
    Elaith Craulnober – well connected and good with a sword, not to mention dabbles in magic

    Well at least you would never have a dull moment with this witty, sarcastic lot…

  20. My evil horror party :

    1. Randall Flagg
    2. Candyman
    3. Jason Voorhees
    4. Gabriel Belmont (now known as Dracula)

  21. kyle shutt says:

    I’d take Farideh and Havilar mostly because I’m sucking up, but also because I really enjoy they way they interact with each other (also if I have those two there’s a good chance more of the crew will show up)
    Drizzt because he was in the first Forgotten Realms book I read and one of my favorite characters.
    Lastly, Jack Ravenwild because he was such a fun character.

  22. turkishproverb says:

    Adventuring Party? Well…

    Hrm… assuming we’re going with the traditional 4 man party, I’d probably go with 1. Vanyel (Last Herald-Mage) as a Caster equivalent, since it’s nice to have one that doesn’t bug out during the job (glares at half the fictional wizards ever).
    2. Samuel Vimes (Discworld) would probably be a good figure for his relative common-sense attitude in the face of magical and general fantasy weirdness, and certainly could fill most of the holes the traditional thief does.
    3. Alexia Tarabotti (Parasol Protectorate), would be good as an ally in general, and her experience fighting superior foes would compliment the part well.
    4. Abhaydatta (The Conch Bearer) comes to mind as a nice Healer, and the additional unusual, and quite seasoned perspective would be welcome.

  23. Four characters I’d like in my adventuring party. That’s hard. I think I’d like Katniss Everdeen, Varis, Daenarys (she’s got dragons), and Arya Stark.

    (I haven’t read any of your books but they sound interesting.)

  24. Logan Moline says:

    Down to the wire! I hadn’t checked back here in a while and what do I find but an incredibly fun contest! Tough to decide who to pick for my fearsome foursome, but I guess I would go with:

    1. Karrin Murphy (Dresden Files). Tiny, but fierce!

    2. Sorry/Not Apsalar (Malazan Book of the Fallen). She’s pretty as an icicle and as warm to the touch.

    3. Gaius Octavian (Codex Alera). Every party needs a great problem solver! It also helps when they can command the elements 🙂

    4. Dassem Ultor (Malazan Book of the Fallen). Just in case we need a little sword work done.

    In my opinion this team would be tough to beat, and stupid to cross.

  25. david cleary says:

    Drizzt Do’Urden…. simple because he is awesome. Also with Gwenhwyvar at his side, we have a secret weapon.
    Erevis Cale…. currently finishing the godborn and about to start brimstones. Erevis could use his healing powers, protection spells to protect the group and he can travel through shadow/dark areas.
    Druss the Legend by david gemmell… thanks to his books I got into fantasy. Druss and Drizzt would make the perfect team. They both have big hearts and would do everything to protect my final charactor.
    Artemis Fowl by eoin colfer….. his irish like myself. He is a boy genius. While my team is full of leaders, I think Artemis adds something different. He would thrive under pressure but would need alot of protection from the others. He could solve any mystery and would definitely wind up and annoy the team.

  26. Frank O'Sullivan says:

    Han Solo, from….Need I expand on this. His first plan to get you out of trouble may not work, but he’ll think on his feet, improvise, and save the day in the end.
    Jarlaxle from R.A. Salvatore Drizzt novels set in Forgotten Realms. The loveable, charismatic drow. A bag of tricks to get out of any situation.
    Wulfgar the Barbarian, again from R.A. Salvatore Drizzt novels set in the Forgotten Realms. Standing at seven foot and with Aegis-fang in hand, a formidable foe, and a vital ally.
    Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. The adventure road may not always be eventful. Never a dull moment if Ser Lannister was a member of the party.



  27. Anthony Soto says:

    Artemis Entreri
    Boba Fett
    Harley Quinn

    My party would probably implode upon itself, but I think it’s pretty cool.

  28. Debbie Nelson says:

    What four fictional characters would I want in my adventuring party?
    1. Drizzt Do’Urden from R.A. Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms books, because he brings his magical panther Gwenhwyvar, is great in a fight and follows a moral code.
    2. Batman (or Jarlaxle Baenre by R.A. Salvatore) because he has connections, has money, is smart, and has lots of gadgets & toys.
    3. Endora from Bewitched TV show because a red-headed witch who casts spells and doesn’t tolerate stupid mortals but loves her family would benefit the party.
    4. Bruenor Battlehammer from R.A. Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms books (again) because this group needs a plain-speaking, charge in dwarf who is good hearted, loyal, and can provide comedic touches to lighten the mood.
    I know it is heavily slanted toward R.A. Salvatore’s characters, but his stories in the Forgotten Realms got me started reading the genre again!

  29. Tom Smith says:

    My 4 to adventure with:
    1) Drizz’t Do’Urden
    2) Allanon the Druid (Terry Brooks)
    3) Erevis Cale
    4) Atticus O’Sullivan – for comic relief (Kevin Hearne)

    What can I say? I like druids and dark heroes….


  30. erin says:

    Added from mis-post:

    Tom Kelly
    1. Elminster Aumar
    As far as magic support goes, I’ll take the chosen of Mystra.

    2. Drizzt Do’Urden
    Expert tracker, swordsman, and archer. Plus you know a skirmish might start just for travelling with a drow

    3. Erevis Cale (I’m having a tough time not taking Artemis Enteri)
    One word: Infiltration

    4. Cadderly Bonaduce
    Healer extraordinare, morale compass

  31. erin says:

    Added from mis-post

    jesse rodriguez

    Answer One:
    The characters I would choose are pulled from different books, movies and video games that I have played, viewed or read.

    Panamon Creel (Thief, Gypsy) A one handed thief that still has a shred of honor. He traveled with a mute troll and his ancestors helped forge a sword of truth.

    Nakor the blue rider (Gambler, Magician and Cheat) A chosen of Kalkin, god of pranksters. Nakor has always been enigmatic and interesting. He has an endless supply of oranges.

    Minsc and Boo (Berserker and miniature giant space hamster) Although a berserker, Minsc has a strong desire to uphold good and be heroic, though with a fervor that causes those around him to regard him as possibly insane. He consults Boo for advice and his battle cry urges Boo to go for the eyes.

    Friar Tuck (Robin Hood: Prince of thieves) Fat, Jovial and a lover of ale, he is also a skilled swordsman and archer in some tales. He fills in as cleric because of ale’s curative properties and this quote, “This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty by learning about… BEER.”

  32. erin says:

    Added from mis-post


    1. Elminster – his ability to cast amazing magic that damages foes, causes obstacles, or fills in with other support functions is the ultimate go to guy. Come on now, he is a chosen of Mystra, which means get to play with the Silverfire. Pew pew anyone?
    2. Jarlaxle – he is a Jack of All Trades, and one badass fighter to boot. His connections across the world above and below would be invaluable. He has connections with the legitimate communities and with the not so legitimate communities. He can be morally ambiguous, but he isn’t pure evil. He reminds me of Batman with all his magical items.
    3. Pharaun – I know I already have Elminster for a caster, but I like Pharaun too. He has a lot of skills as a wizard, but most of all he is smart. (I like to think he has a high wisdom score too.) He is good at looking a situation, figuring out what is really going on, and then coming up with an answer that isn’t over the top.
    4. Jon Snow – Tapping into the Song of Fire and Ice series to round off the group. So far I am pretty damage and caster heavy, and with this sort of group you really don’t need a meatshield, but I still like to have a quasi-meatshield in place. Jon has a sweet sword, and knows how to use it. He also comes with a really cool animal companion. (Extra creature for killing, and most importantly Jon can slip into his skin and view through his eyes. Some scouting when the magical sorts of divination won’t do.) Despite Jon Snow “knowing nothing”, he has a lot of common sense, and is developing into a good leader. Having to handle the men of the Night’s Watch, and Stannis, I think he can keep the above characters together. He isn’t too bent on the moral good of everything, but he does stick with his convictions to do the right thing.

  33. Alex says:

    1. Aoth Fezim – Warmage/Griffon Ride of course he does not go anywhere without Jet.
    2. Zaltys Serrat was a yuan-ti pureblood ranger
    3. Qilué Veladorn – Drow Cleric
    4. Askok is a Shadar-kai, Chosen of Tempest