Gen Con 2014 Schedule

It’s only a little more than a month before Gen Con, which means it’s time to make your schedules and wishlists, and it’s time for me to crawl up out of my fictional quagmire and make sure you, dear readers, know I will be there and where I will be!

Mostly, I will be doing panels for the Writer’s Symposium this year–these panels are free but give preference to people with tickets (as in, you have a ticket, you definitely get in). As of this post, I don’t have any signings, but I will let you know if that changes. EDIT: It changed. 🙂

Thursday, August 14th
SEM1462273–Worldbuilding 101 (9 AM)
“Learn the tips and tricks used by the pros when designing a new world for their stories. It’s a crash course in worldbuilding for both new and experienced authors.” With Gabrielle Harbowy, Donald J. Bingle, Gregory Wilson, & Kerrie Hughes. In Room 245.

SEM1462277: Worldbuilding: Magic and Mysticism (10 AM)
“Our expert worldbuilders provide tips and techniques for adding magic to your fictional world. Explore the impact of magic on your world and discover how much detail you really need.” With Donald J. Bingle, James Lowder, David Coe, & Gabrielle Harbowy.  In Room 245.

SEM1462280: Worldbuilding: Story-First World Design (11 AM)
“Learn to build new worlds so that they support the stories you want to write rather than limiting them.” With Kelly Swails, David Coe, Thomas M. Reid, & Bill Willingham.  (In Room 245)

SEM1462284–Writer’s Craft: ClichĂ©s & Stereotypes (12 PM)
“ClichĂ©s and stereotypes aren’t always evil, and we’ll teach you how to use them in a way that improves your story rather than harming it.” With David Coe, Brad Beaulieu, Howard Tayler, Susan Morris. (In Room 245)

Two points: 1) Some of you may be thinking “What in the world is a tie-in writer doing talking so much about world-building?” For one point, I’d note that there’s a lot more world-building in working in the Forgotten Realms than I, for one, ever expected. Plus, I write other stuff. Where have you been?

2). Yes, all of these are in the same room. Four hours. I’m going to try and make a point to switch chairs.

SEM1462296–Writer’s Craft: Ye Olde Phantasy Speechcrafte (4 pm)
“Using archaic turns of phrase is a fantasy literature trope, but is it necessary? What are the options? And if you do it, how do you do it right? Learn the answers to all of these questions and more.” With Elizabeth Vaughan, Erik Scott De Bie, & Chris Jackson. (Room 243)
Truth be told, if you made me choose pro or con (or yea or nay) on this topic? I’d say don’t do it. It’s too easy to do badly. But I know already that everyone wants to do it–so I have many tricks. 

**SEM1465754–Storytelling in the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons and Beyond (5pm)
“Join Chris Perkins, Ed Greenwood, R.A. Salvatore, and Wolfgang Baur [and Erin M. Evans] in a discussion about what makes great stories and awesome adventures. Learn about the origin of the Tyranny of Dragons story and get a hint of what’s in planned for future D&D stories.”
Late-breaking addition! FYI: I have only been asked to sit in on this instance of the panel. It recurs on Friday, but I will be doing True Dungeon then anyway. 

Friday, August 15th

SEM1462333–Editing: What is an Editor? (10 am)
“What is an editor? Who assigns them to your project? What do they do? And can you ignore their advice? All the secrets of editors will be revealed in this illuminating panel!” With Kerrie Hughes, Gabrielle Harbowy, Howard Jones, & Jerry Gordon. (Room 244)
Short answer: An editor is the literary equivalent of the friend who quietly informs you there’s toilet paper stuck to your shoe and your fly is down, before you walk out the door.

SEM1462345–Media Tie-In: RPG Fiction Market (1 pm)
“A close look at the state of the RPG fiction market, who’s publishing it, and how to get your foot in the door.” With Donald J. Bingle, James Sutter, & Ed Greenwood. (Room 245)
Spoiler: It’s not easy.

ENT1459893–Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny of Dragons Launch Party (7 pm)
“Terror has descended on the Sword Coast and brave adventurers are urgently needed to help ward off the danger. Experience Tyranny of Dragons-themed activities throughout the day and later join D&D designers, storytellers, and other special guests for the official Tyranny of Dragons launch party. Take a short rest and enjoy the music, merriment, and a few menacing surprises. You never know who might crash a party celebrating dragons.”
At the moment, I’m just going as a civilian. But I will be there.

Saturday, August 16th
WKS1462384–Worldbuilding: Religion and Mythology (11 am, $4)

“Part 5 of our Worldbuilding Workshop series. Learn to build better worlds by working with veteran game designer Steven S. Long to create a new fantasy world at Gen Con. We discuss this important subject and its potential impact on civilization. By the end of the panel we should have one or more religions (and/or mythologies) loosely fleshed out, enough for us to know what effect they’re likely to have on the world as a whole.” With Steven S. Long and Kameron Hurley. (Workshop Room)

WKS1462388–Worldbuilding: Magic & Technology (12 pm, $4)
“Part 6 of our Worldbuilding Workshop series. Learn to build better worlds by working with veteran game designer Steven S. Long to create a new fantasy world at Gen Con.” With Steven S. Long and Kameron Hurley. (Workshop Room)

**Signing! With R.A. Salvatore, 1-2 pm
Presumably, this will take place in the Wizards of the Coast booth or area. I forgot to find out. But I’ll tell you when I do!

SEM1462730–Spin-a-Yarn with Ed Greenwood and Erin M. Evans (4-6 pm)
“A new twist on an old favorite! Join Ed Greenwood—creator of the Forgotten Realms—and fan-favorite author Erin M. Evans for an experience that will change how you think about group storytelling.” (Crowne Plaza: Victoria Station A/B)
Serious talk: I am so fucking nervous about this. Luckily Ed is the best. (Note: This is not hosted by Wizards of the Coast this year, so it’s not in the main hall. But if you’ve never been to a Spin-A -Yarn, it’s worth the minor trek to the Crowne Plaza)

SEM1458804–Candlekeep Presents the Lords of Waterdeep (8 pm)
“Join us for our third year of discussing the past, present, and future of the Forgotten Realms. Explore the secrets of the Lords of Waterdeep-and perhaps learn what it takes to join them yourself!” (Crowne Plaza: Victoria Station A/B)
If you are a fan of the Forgotten Realms, this is the place to be. In addition to having lots of designers and authors present, they have very cool commemorative pins. The fellows organizing this–Brian Cortijo and Erik Scott de Bie–have started a gofundme site to help cover the costs and make the gathering even better! (NB: you don’t need to contribute to come.)

Sunday, August 17th
WKS1462420–Read & Critique (9 am, $8)
“Each attendee reads something they’ve written, and our panel of experienced authors provide on-the-spot feedback. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get personal feedback on your work!” With Elizabeth Vaughan and Maurice Broaddus. (Room 244)
Unfortunately, this is sold-out. But if you already snagged a ticket, I will see you there!

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  1. Sara Max says:

    Completely it relevant but I thought Fire In The Blood came out this month on the 14th! I feel so crushed! The anticipation is killing me!

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