Today, Fire in the Blood is one whole day old! I hope many of you have your copies and aren’t even seeing this, because you are reading the book, possibly in your lap while you pretend to be super focused on that spreadsheet.(I never said I was Lawful Good.)


A few cool things:

1. The Sundered Book Club on Goodreads is starting to discuss Fire in the Blood. This week is introductions, discussing materials released in the lead-up, and just settling in. So come by, and get comfortable!

To celebrate that, I have another fun file. If you have your copy of Fire in the Blood, if you flip to the front you’ll see that instead of a map of Cormyr (like this one) you get a family tree of the royal line! Unfortunately, it’s probably half the size of the tree you actually could use, in my opinion, which is why the tree I made for myself was twice as big. Turns out, however, if you take a family tree that big and try to cram it in a paperback, you just get squiggly, unreadable lines. So the Crownsilver half of the tree is missing.

Until now! Here’s the rest of Brin’s pedigree: CROWNSILVERS

(A few small notes: There are three names that are wrong on that. Nyenae became Neanae, Varlance became Pheonard, and Fanaer should be Faenar. There are reasons for all these changes, so come ask in the book club! Some dates are also missing, but I haven’t had time to pretty this up yet.)

2. Tomorrow is the release party for Fire in the BloodAgain, it’s a public event, so you are invited! At AFK Elixirs & Eatery from 5 pm until I get too tired to be fun. But you can stay until they close at 3 am.

3. Next Tuesday (1o/21) I’ll be doing an AMA at r/fantasy. So get your questions ready!

4. I don’t usually share reviews, but Dungeons & Donuts does such fun ones. Illustrated and animated. Here’s Fire in the Blood’s, but be forewarned: here be spoilers.



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One Response to FIRE IN THE BLOOD goodies

  1. Skyweir says:

    Hi, a little late to leave a comment here, still you might read it I guess.

    I have noticed that the audiobook version of Fire in the Blood is not out yet. Do you know anything about the production of the audiobook? I was introduced to the series through audiobook, and would like to continue “reading” it that way if possible. The reader is very good, and I have kind of gotten attached to her version of the voices.

    I might have to switch to the written version if the audiobook is not coming out for months yet, the suspense is killing me:)