FIRE IN THE BLOOD Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners of the Fire in the Blood giveaway!

The five winners of a copy of Fire in the Blood

Tim Ford
Ok I hope this is correct, one of my favorite evil rulers was in the Robert E. Howard’s Conan Of Aquolonia. Thoth-Amon. A powerful sorcerer from Stygia, and one of Conan’s most hated enemies. Conan was one of my first contacts with high adventure and sword and sorcery along with the little known Zork choose your own adventure books. Next came D&D. The rest is as they say history. Keep up the good work Erin Evans I look forward to many more stories and hopefully meeting you again at Gen – Con next year.

“This is a really awesome contest, Erin!

My of my favorite rulers/leaders is Odysseus. He is morally gray, willing to sacrifice others, and the first true antihero.

I am also a huge fan of Bast from NotW – he is, after all, the Prince of Twilight and the Telwyth Mael.”

Josh Chandler
Szass Tam, oh yes, definitely Szass Tam.

My favorite fictional ruler…hmm I actually have to think about that one. Probably Morgan of Hed from the Riddlemaster Trilogy.

My favourite fictional ruler would have to be Omin Dran, one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

The winners of the full set of the Brimstone Angels Saga are:
Eric Behrens
My favorite ruler is probably the Neocount of Merentha Gerald Tarrant from C.S. Friedman’s Cold Fire Trilogy. Black Sun Rising was the first book I ever read that made me empathize with a “villain” and side with them more than the paladin as the story went on.

Rachel Dobbs
My favorite fictional ruler would be King Lear from Shakespeare’s King Lear. I love the play and its exploration of tragic stupidity/hubris on the part of King Lear who thought he could maintain his position and divide his kingdom which resulted in his descent into tragic insanity. What is heartbreaking about the play and making it perhaps Shakespeare’s greatest is that King Lear finally opens his eyes in the 5th act when Cordelia comes to rescue him, only to be executed. When I first read the play, I cried. The pathos, the pain, the despair at finding out who truly loves you and then losing that love at the same time. Heartbreaking and amazing drama from the Bard himself.

And the grand prize winner of a one-of-a-kind annotated copy of Fire in the Blood is *drumroll*…
Favourite has to be noble King Azoun IV

What an auspicious selection! If your name is above, please check your email. You have until Wednesday to get me your addresses, or I choose a new winner!

Thank you for entering! If you did not win, I encourage you to check out our esigning, or pick up Fire in the Blood this Tuesday at bookstores everywhere!*

*Or at Chapters right now. Because that’s how they roll.

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4 Responses to FIRE IN THE BLOOD Giveaway Winners

  1. Aleks Bendiksen says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Eric Behrens says:

    I never win anything thank you so much can’t wait to get the new book and start reading. Congratulations to everyone else as well.

  3. Logan Moline says:

    I felt cheated not winning, so I went out and bought “Fire in the Blood”. May it be just the balm my wounded heart needs 🙂

  4. Josh Chandler says:

    Wowzers!!! Thank you so very much Erin! My wifey is making fun of my silliness at the moment. : )