Tome Show Interview

Hello, readers!

I have (obviously) been absent this winter. I am feverishly at work on Ashes of the Tyrant which many of you have informed me should have been done and in your hands yesterday–sorry! I’ve decided I will get back in the groove once the first draft is turned in in two weeks.

In the meantime, here is an interview I did with James Introcaso at The Tome Show. Give it a listen. (And don’t forget, those of you champing at the bit for Ashes of the Tyrants, to leave a review for Fire in the Blood.) 

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One Response to Tome Show Interview

  1. Viktor says:

    I really liked that podcast (one of few I have even considered worth listening to at all)! The talk of describing second wind (or healing surge) got me wondering how the rules changes to fifth edition of D&D will change the storytelling. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to get my hands on Fire in the Blood, so it might be obvious there. The one thing I am most curious about is changes in Misty step compared to the 4e equivalent. If I recall correctly Farideh uses it rather frequently and several times in succession in the 4e era books.

    Great podcast, great books, and I look forward to when I get to reading Fire in the Blood.