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On Playing a Dragonborn in Forgotten Realms: Part 2

Hello, readers! I’ve had a follow-up question to my earlier post about dragonborn from Micha. Do you have more of these? I’m happy to answer them as time allows. Like I said before: this stuff is coming out my ears! So,  … Continue reading

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Gen Con 2015 Schedule

Gen Con is fast approaching! Here’s where I’ll be: SEM1577058—Writer’s Craft: Atmospheric Writing Thursday, 12:00-1:00 PM “Authors often want to give a story a particular “feel,” such as dread, wonder, romance, or weirdness. Learn how to create atmosphere through word … Continue reading

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On Playing a Dragonborn in the Forgotten Realms: Part 1

Yesterday, someone asked me the following: Erin could you help me please? I’m starting a D&D adventure on Facebook and my partner wants to be a Dragonborn Noble Sorceress and I’m wondering if Dragonborn have noble/royal bloodlines? I want to … Continue reading

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