Gen Con 2015 Schedule

Gen Con is fast approaching! Here’s where I’ll be:

SEM1577058—Writer’s Craft: Atmospheric Writing
Thursday, 12:00-1:00 PM
“Authors often want to give a story a particular “feel,” such as dread, wonder, romance, or weirdness. Learn how to create atmosphere through word choice, sentence construction, & other techniques.”

SEM1577059—Editing Your Work
Thursday, 1:00-2:00 PM
“Writing requires more than putting words on paper; you also have to edit & revise your work to make it as good as possible. Learn the best ways to edit your writing from some masters of the craft.”

WKS1578872—Finding Work for Your Inner Critic: Self-Editing for Fiction
Friday, 9:00-11:00 AM
I’m doing a workshop! Possibly because I’ve lost my ever-loving mind! But no, seriously, I’m glad Marc Tassin was interested in this idea. See, if you write, you know the voice of your Inner Critic and you know you have to ignore it. But the truth is, I never stopped listening to mine. I just learned to put it to work at the right time. Bring some pages of a current work, a notebook, and a pen. The workshop costs $8, which covers the cost of the room, handouts, and maybe some donuts, since this is the first time I’m running it. We’ll see.

SEM1577142—Crafting Languages
Saturday, 3:00-4:00 PM
“A good fictional language adds depth to your story; a bad one can ruin it. Learn from authors with experience at imaginary languages how to avoid pitfalls & use language to enhance your story.”

SEM1568164: Candlekeep Presents: The Women of the Forgotten Realms
“Come for our fourth gathering in celebration of the Realms and its history. This year’s seminar will focus on the women who make the Realms: its heroines within the world and among its creators. We will be joined this year by a number of surprise guests, so please check our web listing to find out who will be joining us!” This is the closest you’re getting to a Realms seminar this year!

WKS1577147—Read & Critique
Sunday, 9:00-11:00 AM
“Each attendee reads something they’ve written, and our panel of experienced authors provide on-the-spot feedback. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get personal feedback on your work! Only participants will be allowed in the room during the Read & Critique session. Each attendee should come prepared with a few pages of their writing (typically 5-10 minutes worth). Attendees should also bring material for taking notes. Attendees who are unable able to read their own work should talk to the facilitator at the start of the session and we’ll make special arrangements for you.” This costs $8, and there are only two tickets left! Hurry up!

I will also be doing some signings with the Ed Greenwood Group. I’ll add the times when I have them. Hope to see you at Gen Con! Unfortunately, EGG is not coming, so no signings there. I will sign books at any of the places above, and if something else comes up, I’ll  post it here.

Also, at the repeated suggestion of the Husband, I now have a Periscope account. Follow me for periscopes of Gen Con fun (and possibly the bottom of my purse; I’m still figuring this out)

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