December 29th brings the fifth book of the Brimstone Angels Saga, Ashes of the Tyrant. Here you’ll find links to all the exciting things to help you get ready and remind you what’s in store!

There’s  more coming, so check back soon!

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9 Responses to ASHES OF THE TYRANT Roundup

  1. Aleks says:

    I’m already 125 pages deep and loving it. Brins situation in particular amuses me endlessly.

  2. Lidiya says:

    Six book series? Poo. Was really hoping we’d see this turn into a series of characters that would go on for decades!

  3. XAD says:

    Some summerian/akkadian snippets in that book. It was quite a surprise the transliteration extracts, considering my wife studies these languages.

    Else, the whole series are great. Awesome characters and interactions.

    Thank you Erin!

  4. erin says:

    Well, I’ll say this is a complete six book arc. If there are other arcs/series, that’s up to Wizards.

  5. erin says:

    The Untherans are supposed to be actual “Mesopotamians” (I don’t think anyone ever states what particular era they hailed from) and the Untheran pantheon are supposed to be the gods of the same, or at least aspects of them, who came through the same portals to rescue the Untherans from bondage. It only seemed right to fire up the PSD and get out my copy of Complete Babylonian and mush up some Untheric. Thank you for noticing and validating the oodles of time I’ve wasted playing with the languages!

  6. Netter says:

    I just found the ‘Brimstone Angels’ series, and cam on to say I love it!

    I haven’t read and Realms books in a while, as I found them too short or ‘meh’, but I love this series!

    I hope you do get another arc, as I like this series and characters better than the Drizzt ones!

  7. Robert handy says:

    Hey erin. I havent finished the new book yet. But im going to need Dahl to dissappear. I dont want Farideh to go for the good guy smh. So prototypical. I need Lorcan to be her man. Maybe not a typical relationship. He can be like phaerun where hes bad but not evil lol. Seriously im been reading forgotten realms for too long now. Havi alreafy has the goody two shoes bf. I need lorcsn and farideh steamy relationship to keep on. Kill dahl heroically. Let Lorcan be your deadpool your wolverine your lobo batman etc u get me. I need to see a lil baby Lorcan just bad assery potential everywhere. If u keep her with dahl that relationship is boring with a capital b. Ughh i just want him to die in harrowdale and farideh forgives lorcan and understands he loves her. God u got me going. Great job on everything. But please just please keep farideh interesting keep lorcan as her incorrigble bf it will be one of the key reasons people love this series. Like kill dahl please i cant stand him hes in the way lol.

  8. Zeromaru X says:

    Hi, Erin. Excellent articles, all them help to flesh out the dragonborn in my gaming session (I’m playing a clanless dragonborn, and I’ve borrowed many details from Mehen) .

    I find the part about gods and the faithless very interesting, because I was wondering how to approach this issue at my table. As a side note, I believe maybe Bahamut is the only god that pays special attention to dragonborns because he created his own dragonborn race in the past (according to the Dragons of Faerun supplement).

  9. Karl says:

    I know (assume) you don’t set the price on the kindle version and it comes from the publisher, but $27 for the digital version…

    Oh, I paid it because what you write is worth it and I have no self control to wait for a hard copy. I just hope that you get a good share of the ridiculous $.

    Ignore the “Dahl should die” guy.