Who are you?

My name is Erin M. Evans. I’m writer and sometime-editor living in Seattle.  I wrote the novels The God Catcher and Brimstone Angels, and the short story “The Resurrection Agent” from Realms of the Dead. You should read them.

Those are Forgotten Realms books. What does that mean? Am I going to have to read a zillion books to understand this?

My current novels are set in the world of Forgotten Realms, which is a venerable, multi-author shared world created by Ed Greenwood, and owned by Wizards of the Coast. You don’t have to read all the books–but you can, which is the cool part. If you like the Great Game of the dragons from The God Catcher, for example, Brotherhood of the Griffon by Richard Lee Byers has more of that.

What the heck is slush?

Slush is a name for the unsolicited manuscripts that a publisher receives. These are submissions from writers who haven’t been asked to submit and who aren’t represented by an agent. These submissions are of wildly varying quality and may contain the following: photos, hand drawn maps, prostelityzing, come-ons, and/or actual fiction.

Why would you like that?

From the writing point of view: Because sometimes that’s me in the slush pile.

From the editing point of view: Two reasons, really. One, it can be really hysterical. That sounds mean, but there are really just some approaches to publication that are woefully misguided. Schadenfreudetastically so. And to redirect back to the writer’s reason, that can be a little boost. I mean, I might make mistakes, but I would never ask a reader if he was single in response to a rejection (Yes, that happened to me).

The other reason is that, good or bad, there’s something heartwarming about slush. There is really nothing braver you can do as a writer than say, “Here. Here is something I wrote. What do you think?” Especially to a bitchy, overwhelmed editor (i.e. me). Whether the submissions I’ve read are what the publisher is looking for, I’m impressed that the writers made the leap.

Will you read my book?

If it’s published, why not? Tell me about it.
If it’s not, then it’s work and I’d charge you. And I’m taking a break from that for the moment.

Where can I buy your books?

Most bookstores carry Forgotten Realms novels, including mine. I encourage you to check out your local stores first. But if they don’t–and won’t–or you live somewhere without a bookstore, there are Amazon links over on the right there. They’re all available as paperbacks or ebooks. (Please don’t illegally download ebooks. You hurt the authors you purport to love).

I have another question you didn’t answer.

Then ask it in the comments!


2 Responses to FAQ

  1. RayTagg says:

    Well I hope you find my sample on your slush pile someday, and you only laugh at the parts I want to be funny. I have been all over the internet and blog sights and so far yours is the most helpful. Maybe it’s because you are an editor and a writer or I think like you do about writing, I am not sure. Keep posting I need all the help I can get, and I’m running out of Gin, lol.

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