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THE ADVERSARY Excerpt + Character Blog: Farideh

  Recently, my editor, Nina, asked me how I would describe Farideh’s archetype, for the purposes of marketing text. She made sure I did not ignore the email by mentioning off-hand that the phrase “femme fatale” was getting tossed around. … Continue reading

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The Adversary

Fair Warning: I’m about to get a mite sappy. Last week, I turned in the final edits on The Adversary, the third book of the Sundering (and the third book of the Brimstone Angels/Farideh series). There’s something about turning in a book … Continue reading

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LESSER EVILS CUT SCENE #1: “One Night in Akanul.”

In honor of the Lesser Evils Giveaway reaching 120 entries, here is the first cut scene as promised. Why isn’t this in the book: If you’ve read the sample chapter of Lesser Evils, you have seen that Farideh is suffering from some … Continue reading

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